I just don't even really know what to say, I have watched this video probably 500 times in the last 48 hours and I still find something new every single time I watch it. I still notice something that I didn't the last time that brings a tear to my eye, which is kind of funny because as you can tell from this video we did nothing but laugh all day. I felt kind of bad for Kate because how do you edit something with no emotion? But then I realised laughter is an emotion and we might not have shed a tear that day but shit did we smile and laugh and beam happiness from every single pore on our body, there were no raw moments of him crying as he saw me for the first time but there was him backing it up to check out how great my rack is and then there's the bit you can't here within seconds of seeing him when I yelled out that I was dying to have sex with him ha. I know you will be able to tell by watching this because Kate did the most amazing job but every single part of this wedding was done our way and it was absolutely perfect , it was about Rebecca and Jared baby mama and Baby daddy bringing our family together and showing each other and our children the love we have in our unit. It was us legalising our for ever and always and then sharing that love with our closest, we drank and ate and drank some more we danced and kissed and we stood humbled by the most incredible Haka I have ever seen.

We are blessed.

Kate picked up our nearest and dearest in this video, I made it to 15 seconds before I bawled that moment where my sister rocks baby Malo while we are all getting ready, it was that love that started the Tuesday before the wedding when he was welcomed earth side by his rockstar parents and doting Aunties he was not going to miss this day and he sure wasn't going to let his Mama miss out either she is one of my best friends and it would not have been the same with out her fresh little family there. So many things got me there was so much love and laughter the kids Aunty Alex my other best friend with Ruby down on the aisle practicing her wee walk because she knew how much i wanted her to walk down there, me getting all naked with so much class, Jared's infectious smile (like seriously did I hit the hot husband jackpot or what), his best man Tub making us die of laughter every time he opened his mouth, Rocky's fat little gut and then chubby little face when he's getting ready, how terrible the boys are at smoking a cigar, the styling details we missed on the day because we were so caught up in it all (thanks Kate you are a bloody legend), Rocky kissing Malo, the cake with it's own flower crown, Ruby hitting mum with her shoe during the ceremony which is her to a tee, Rocky picking his nose (boys), the scan of the crowd so we remember all our love people being there to celebrate us with us, Eden rubbing lipstick of Rocky, Jared hugging our niece, and my Gran my amazing 94 year old Gran who made the trip and is now there in our wedding video to always be remembered.

Ok I went on, I rambled and I know you'll watch it for your selves but I couldn't not say those things, I couldn't not express how thankful and grateful we are to Kate for really getting to know us and who we are and what we wanted and the bits that meant the world to us. Kate you have exceeded our expectations and you have been nothing but a gem to work with, you made us so comfortable and you just did your thang, we are so so thankful to you and when you captured for us.


Please ask if I missed anything but a full blog post is still to come!

B xx