The other night I put Rocky on the doorstep around 8.00pm, he was being a right little shit head and I had had enough. Nothing was working like seriously I had tried it all and he was trying it aller, the stalling was next level and then when the screaming started I was like erm no thanks mate and out he went. I know its not the most conventional way to deal with the situation but baby girls I was well over it, plus I was home alone it was either I put him outside and we both have some space or I shut myself in the linen cupboard with a block of chocolate and considering I'm all about that junk free life putting Rocky outside seemed like the better option #priorities.

Some may be reading this saying OMG what a terrible parent (if you think this you should not even be trying to read what I have to say) but I'm over her like go fuck yourself! you see he was ok but I wasn't and I needed him to go to sleep so that I could have some alone time, he had whined all night and then pulled every single trick out of the book to not stay in his bed. I had given in to almost every single one of his demands, I had stood waiting patiently whilst he went to the toilet for the billionth time because he had a sore bum (he didn't the old mate just knows how to play a home girl), I sat with him in his bed, I lay with him in his bed, I read him books, I let him cry, I let myself cry, I held his water bottle so he could drink it without sitting up, I tucked him in, I tucked Henry in (his bunny), I found his truck suriouslyyyyyy guys I actually did everything under the sun but then it started to get out of hand (I know what your thinking how could it possible get more out of hand than what you described) well it just did he wanted Daddy, he wanted Nana even though he knew they both weren't home and then he screamed and started banging on the door that was when I found he had taken his pants off and pissed all down the door WTF who does that. I one hundred percent know he did it just to rattle my cage so at this point when he was hooting and hollering and at a risk to wake up the cuter smaller child I simply scooped him up popped his pj pants back on on and asked if he wanted to be put out side to which he replied yes mama, well mr smarty pants out you go.

I opted for the front door so he couldn't just toddle off and play in the sandpit at like 8pm and out he went, it was cold like maybe a few degrees but I wasn't leaving him out there all night, he stood on the door step all brave and too cool and shit (yes don't get your knickers in a twist I was watching him through a window and he couldn't tell I was) then the panic must have set in because after a minute or so he started howling, I'm not going to lie I probably smirked a little bit ha but obviously I didn't leave him out there too long. Don't worry I whipped him in quick smart when I thought he got loud enough that the neighbours might here, lets just say Mr Keil went straight to bed and straight to sleep without another fuss.

Moral of the story is I love that on this blog (my blog) I can write what I want and people can love it or leave it, I am who I am and I parent how I do. I should really say I parent how we do because a whole village raises my kids (Jared and my parents included) and you know what I back myself all the way, I am incredibly happy with my parenting style and have so much confidence in what I am doing and how I am teaching our kids. I shared this story and share many others similar because I truely believe someone needs to say hey you parent how you want if your kids are happy, healthy, loved and cared for then you are doing a bloody top notch job and you should never ever doubt yourself based on someone else opinions. 

Parent your way and if it means putting your two and a half year old on the door step in his pyjamas at 8pm to teach him a lesson then do it because you know best (I def no best hahaha).

B xx