Today I was going to blog about how to survive being hungover when you have kids but then last night happened and getting through a hangover seems to be the least of Aotearoa’s problems so instead I’m just going to do a wee post to check everyone is ok.

I didn’t live here in Christchurch when the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes happened so I’m not dealing with first hand memories being triggered but after last night it’s still right there fresh in my mind and I could cry at the drop of a hat because this shit is hard.

I have the greatest friend in the world who text me this afternoon just to simply say are you Ok? and it really meant the world, we are fine and life went on today but shit I’m a scatterbrain and a blubbering mess.  We have had earthquakes before big and small especially after living down here for a year and also in the central North Island almost my whole life, they aren’t something new but last night was something new it was actually the most terrifying moment of my life. I’m not super great with words and saying the right thing but I’m just saying something to check in with my fellow baby Mama’s and also kiwi’s by just saying Hi are you guys ok?

I just think it’s so important we have a wee chat with our mates all over the country you don’t have to live in the affected areas to be affected, we don’t know how people cope or what they have been through. I wasn’t here then but I remember like it was yesterday sitting in my lounge crying trying to call my family who were all in the South Island just sobbing because what I was seeing on the TV was so devastating and terrifying and I could not find my Family, I wasn’t there but shit I was affected. We don’t know who lost loved ones or who lost homes, we don’t know whose kids still have nightmares or who’s hearts just broke as they watched the coverage on the TV because they care about our country and our people. We must be kind and get to know our neighbours, we must open our homes and our kitchens invite in the community or cook for them if you can, we 100% have each other backs and I’m pretty proud to say shit mates we are doing a good job.

It’s not just south islanders or wellingtonians it’s the people who have relocated to leave the red zone now being jolted back into that time, it’s the Parents wanting to hold their children when they can’t get to them and it’s anyone in New Zealand who has been gripped by the media coverage over the last six years.

Last night was different I have never felt a shake like it, the rolling that went on for what felt like forever, it was just waiting for something bigger, it was the quietness there was no rumble here just a roll that went on and on. It was strange like if it was more jolty would we have reacted differently instead of just milling in the doorways? Today as we talk about it without a doubt we should have been all under the table Ruby slept through it and we were all kind of just hovering ok well I looked after myself under a door frame and Nana went for Rocky but we didn’t really do anything with purpose. We are more prepared now we have a plan and we have a restocked kit, I packed a bag for the kids with warm clothes in case we are stuck in the cold and we have fresh batteries in the torches. I don’t know how prepared you can be for something like mother nature but we are more prepared than we were yesterday.

Talk to a mate just be a sounding board for them they might be totally fine like we are but my stomach is still doing flips and just hearing something on the radio makes my eyes prickle, the pictures on face book make me hold Rocky closer but at the same time I have had zero sleep and he’s just being Rocky a crazy crazy kid so how do you think I feel when I snap at him for something stupid but I’m so tired after a night of aftershocks and extra babies in my bed I'm so on edge as well it’s hard not to be that way so be that friend that offers support and tells you that it’s ok and that your allowed to have these mixed emotions. Give all the love in the world give enough love to go around to everyone and don’t stop with just people you know reach out to the other tired mum at the supermarket or just have a beer with the tradie down the road.

I don’t know if this was the right thing to say or to write but I just figured it can’t hurt to remind everyone how amazing and resilient we are.

So make mates around you know everyone and be the support they might need.

Oh and I made cake because if I can't sleep at least I can eat cake.

Kia Kaha New Zealand, Arohanui.

B xx