Gifts for the Baby Mama

It's baby mama day this Sunday, have you been dropping hints or are you all oh everyday is mothers day around here my baby daddy is perfect and I get flowers for getting out of bed not just for putting out (DW I don't get either). I've dropped hints I've dropped more than one, apparently I've dropped hints so well Jared knows exactly what to get me. This worries me because I hadn't realised I had 'hinted' such a perfect hint at some stage over last few weeks and when I tagged him in my official 'hint' on IG he was all I've already got something you want sorted arghhh what is it?!? Here's my issue I always get Jared the most epic presents because he's such a shopper he's constantly showing me things he wants and talking about new releases at footlocker, with out knowing it he's always discussing his wishlish (yep he's practically a girl) and I have always got something stored away mentally for birthday purchases etc. Sooo when I tagged him in this particular IG post saying #mothersday I was like woohooo I'm totally going to get this but alas no reply, no cute tag back saying #anythingforyoubabe (this would never happen by the way) and then I brought it up in the real world I made it super casual you know "hey, did you see that tag on IG" and then it happened the bomb shell. Jared simply replied with "I did what you always complain I don't do and I actually listened to something you said you want so your getting that" Say what home boy?! What the shit could I have possible said I wanted?? OMG I went into fun panic mode like was it something stupid? Do I really ant it or was it one of those passing comments like "oh look thats cool huh". I'm freaking the fuck out guys, my biggest fear is Warriors tickets and not just because they are playing so shit but it's because I had said to him oh we should go to the Warriors game down here (this was a date night suggestion not a I want to go to the warriors game so bad, I don't really want to go! What if he took that the wrong way and he's over there like win win I get to got to the league and B will be stoked because she ACTUALLY wanted to as well. Kill me now if that his grand plan guys, I honestly can  not think off something cool that I said I wanted over the past few weeks and I am frightened.

Any who I don't want to bring you down with my first world problems so I have asked some of my super stylish baby mama mates what is on their wish list for Mothers day, we have gone with two options a save and splurge. We can all lust over their expensive picks and then secretly buy them on the credit card the hubby doesn't know about or just send him off to get the cheaper option (as well as buying the pricey picks on that secret credit card then its a win win situation), either way make sure you treat yourself to something if your baby daddy is useless as shit.

Wether you are buying for yourself because your partner would buy you a pancake maker (Jared did this one year) or your buying for your self because your doing it solo and theres only a drop beat ex who barely remembers his own kids birthdays let alone mothers day for you or you just need to send this link to an awesome baby daddy who is on the right track but just needs one more gentle little push in the right direction I think I have you all covered (no tacky one hit wonders in sight).

SPLURGE - Status Anxiety wallet- Delilah in snow cheetah $109.00, this is the post I tagged him in and I've followed up twice since once saying Bae you seen the tag and the other saying its this much you can get it here locally lol.



SAVE - Flowers via Petal Prickle, I'm a sucker for a good bunch of amazing blooms Jared always knows he's safe if he picks a banging bunch of flowers.



Megan Bedford, super cool mum of Riley and Deputy Editor & Beauty Editor at Fashion Quarterly (On hiatus) @meganbedford (IG handle)

SPLURGE - Jo Malone Nashi Blossom cologne (only available on counters instore) which just came out this week it comes in 30ml $110.00, 100ml $220.00.



SAVE - Bobbi Brown Art stick lipstick Megan said its foolproof, matte but creamy and easy to wear I have these in my car and handbag, I'm obsessed particularly with the punchy perfect 'Harlow red' $50.00.



Eden Dellow, Mama to Aspen and co founder of Gypsy Pirate  who make clothing inspired by all things nature and nautical. Plus a mega babe who I'm lucky to call a friend @gypsypirategram (IG handle)

SPLURGE - Eden picked a status anxiety wallet as well but I'd already laid claim to thats hit ha so her second pick was Magnolia Kitchen cake this is a bit of a save or splurge because Bets is doing mini mum cakes for $45.00 or you could go the whole hog and get the baby mama in your life a huge cake to share with the whole family.



SAVE - "I'd be pretty keen on some of that Haakaa silicone food wrap" this is such a good pick I have it and its so good and only retails for $19.00-$24.50.



Anna Reeve, Mum of twin boys hunter and Oscar she is a former Model who now runs her blog in her spare time seriously how she has any spare time is beyond me she's a total super mum @annareeve_ @thereevenuggets (IG handles)

SPEND - Chirstie Nicolaides Cloe earrings gold and pink, these handcrafted hammered brass earring inlaid with glass and crystal stones are bloody beautiful. I can't stop looking at them and I knew I could count on Anna to bring something different and gorgeous to the table $249.00



SAVE - Monogrammed leather Dove grey and black iPhone case. This is such practical present, I so desperately need a new phone case but never look at them or actually go shopping for one and how cool is the monogram option. $49.95.



Lucy Widman, mum to Iggy and Buggy and owner of Little Flock of Horrors or LFOH merino wear. We LOVE Lucy all most s much as we LOVE her product no we totally LOVE Lucy more. You guys need to get at this kids merino nothing but quality and practicality everything is made for terror children so you can imagine the wear is super good @LFOHKIDS (IG handle).

SPLURGE - A self confessed sneaker and backpack kind of gal this is the ultimate bag on her lust list. Ash Domino small backpack from shop bop this beauty retails for NZ$541.16 but it is incredibly beautiful for a backpack I must admit.



SAVE - DitzAndBobs This is one of the coolest mothers day gifts I have ever seen, you know it has that personal touch  but its so much cooler than the macaroni frame you were going to make. Its a photo of your choice then the lady graffiti's it with embroidery so flipping cool! $37.68.



Kathleen Nicholls, Mama bear to little wild child Sophia and early childhood teacher. Kathleen is a single mum to gorgeous Sophia and my god is she killing it in this parenting game @SOPHIATHEWILD (IG handle).

SPLURGE - Macpac terra down vest, I love this I hadn't seen it and am on the hunt for something this winter being new to the South Island and this cold weather ha. It's stylish and warm win win right! $289.99 ($199.00 if your a club member)



SAVE - Country Road daisy necklace, such a beautiful necklace to gift yourself form your kids ha or just add to the collection. A cluster of three delicate daisies that sit just below the collarbone $48.68).



Alrighty then team thats it done! Well from the cool kids any way but I'll quickly list some other random things I would quite like.

  • A new dressing gown! So like a cute one ok not cute sexy but warm oh god where do you find a sexy but warm winter dressing gown ha. I think maybe a warm fluffy dressing gown but in grey or something so it's a little more stylish? hmm.
  • Adidas superstars I NEED these, but I also dislike how they are on every second persons feet.
  • Winter clothes, I was pregnant last winter so this winter I need to do some updating?shopping. A voucher will be fine or just a wad of cash Jared (your children are hard work ok).
  • Chocolate, enough said right.
  • A hand made card or just one Rocky has scribbled something thoughtful in.
  • The million dollar KowTow knit (its actually like $300.00 but still)
  • A trip to Auckland, I'm desperate to get back to auckland ha take me away Jared.

Ok I'm throwing in a disclaimer because I know more than once I sounded like a spoilt ungrateful demanding bitch and thats ok but I'm actually not, some of the intro was exaggerated for dramatic effect kapesh haha I would seriously be grateful for anything I might get from my lovely (semi) children and my loving (also annoying) partner. I have tried to showcase a huge range of things and thats why I asked the ladies I did don't judge, don't hate and be nice no one likes a party pooper I don't care if you can't afford something on this list and I hope you appreciate just looking at the pictures if its out of your price range shit most of the SPLURGE is out of my price range but I appreciate it and love a good nosey I'm signing off with another Kapesh ok.

Also I'm sick I literally have not re read this or edited it properly (ha when do I ever I hear you sniggering lol) but if theres something seriously wrong please let me know.

B xx

Playground rules.

I started this post a week ago and I'm just finishing it now ha any who last week we went to the playground but not just any old playground this is the creme de la creme of playgrounds, you see its worth a lot of money and its named after Margaret Mahy its seriously epic. I really don't like the fact that I just used the world epic to describe something but I don't know what else to say its that GOOD. 13128890_10209192506239253_267282093_o

I am going to do a whole post on this playground because you need to see it but for now I will just talk about playground etiquette because today I observed a fair bit oh and on the weekend I witnessed an old girl there with her grandkids whip out a wine glass and pour herself a cheeky red at like 2pm, I wasn't sure if I should be concerned or all well played nana wino.

Right today I took the kids on my own to this wonderland (it's almost like coachella for kids minus the drugs but if your kids are seriously crazy maybe dope them up on something before you go) any way there were like one billion kids there because ahhhh its school holidays, did I mention I never take the two of them out on my own like ever unless its a walk where Rocky is restrained and did I also mention I forgot to take the pram to this glorious playground so I could only restrain the one child that didn't actually need restraining, I thought abut fashioning one of those baby leads out of some rope in the back of my dads truck but then I thought people might not my kiwi ingenuity and I would have cyfs called on me. It would literally take a second to lose one of them (hopefully Rocky because if I lost Ruby it would 100% be my fault as she can't run away on her own yet) and then once they're gone it would be like finding a needle in a pint sized child hay stack. The parents kind of gravitated to the edges which is cool I'm pretty far from a helicopter parent but I was hovering slightly today seen as though I was riding solo with the kid off his leash (I don't actually have one of those leashes by the way) any way I'm heading off topic I will discuss helicopter parents another day but for today this is a random ramble about the playground hunger games.

So today as I hovered around Rocky, Ruby strapped to my chest in our Mountain Buggy Juno and I people watched. I love a good people watching session especially in the holidays it brings out all the crazies in the family, the first thing I noticed was the little wannabe hood rat tweens hanging around the in ground trampolines argh you know with their lame phones playing lame music like we all cared what they were listening too. Rocky wanted to hit the tramps first so I had to wrangle my way between skateboards and back packs to get there where I waited super obviously right on the edge of the tramp for Rocky's turn, I knew he'd only be interested in bouncing for a matter of minutes if that so I was sure to make eye contact with the boy in the backwards cap to give him the move on mate stare. These ones I can take I wasn't too worried they aren't that bad they are semi polite, I even heard one of them tell the boy with the 'sounds' to change the song as it wasn't appropriate this made me happy a little. Yes they want to get there mega bounce on and yes to some they may be classed as a nuisance but I'm sure a firm word from myself would have pulled them back into line (uber cool looking mum over here remember) if need be like I said they had a semi politeness way about them and they seemed to be letting the little kids jump in between the flips they were doing and in their down time they would take swigs of their budget bottle of coke (I'm 99.6% sure there was no rum in there).

Then there was the the less hood rat tweens they were maybe slightly younger and more of pre tweens, these ones hung out in the sand pit (its more of a beach like its that bloody big). These ones I found more challenging and as I watched other parents I knew I wasn't the only one, they are a funny age like I knew the parents were there but because of their age they weren't being active supervised. I get this like when your kid gets to a certain age it must feel so good to not have to worry about them so much and have to hover like I was doing, they are big enough and ugly enough to play solo and not get lost or run away or get stolen. God I can't wait for this day Ihowever there are some manners I hope to teach Rocky to ensure he treats others with respect, just some common courtesy he can practice when playing alongside other kids. These older boys were incredibly frustrating they pushed other kids when they became to close to their creations and they were rude and angry as they yelled at toddlers for stepping into their trenches, I understand when you have built something the last thing you want is to have it ruined by a bloody toddler but lets be realistic majority of kids here are younger than you and your literally building a sandcastle village thing in the middle of the sandpit and its slowly but surely taking up every inch of the area. I'm just saying where do you think the other kids are going to play? Maybe if you are so hell bent of creating such a masterpiece that no one is allowed to touch you could include these small children who so desperately want to play with you and build their own creations within 'your' village, you could say that its ok when my two year old dug at your sandcastle and as an actively supervising mum I obviously made him apologise because duh I'm trying to teach him right from wrong but you yelled at him and went to push him away seriously mate my toddler had better manners and respect than you. It was frustrating on so many levels like I knew the parent was there but they either weren't watching their child or they just didn't care, I am in no way shape or form an over protective mum like I am all for a bit of playground banter and theres going to be a shove here and there but from similar age groups not an 11 year old getting pissy at a two year old.

Don't get me wrong Rocky isn't the best at sharing he will fight a kid over a toy and thats ok but when he is in the wrong he will be made to apologise and if he can't work it out with the kid then I will help them resolve it and do it in a way Rocky learns because thats my responsibility as his parent. I try not to judge other parenting styles I know we all have our own shit going on but come on guys teach your kids some manners and give them a wee class in etiquitte trust me it will help them go a long way in life. Rocky may be totally feral but he's polite actually he's incredibly well mannered because thats a value both Jared and I felt was important to teach him from a very young age, I hope as he grows he will be kind and see the bigger picture at all times, I hope he will be able to problem solve instead of just shoving and I hope he will be thoughtful when it comes to using words because words hurt just as much.

Ok so there was this other grandma there (not the one drinking the shady red) and she was not enjoying these boys and was so not down on them 'owning' the sand pit, I love a grandma like this. My mum is this grandma ha she is a protector and god forbid you mess with her babies well actually at the museum yesterday she stuck up for a wee stranger of a kid because another bigger kid pushed in line, she actually had words with another grandma at another park who actively encouraged and helped her toddler grandson to push inline and when mum called her out on it she just pushed the kid higher up the stairs to the slide and walked away (she was a foreign lady and I did point out maybe she didn't understand english but then we heard her yelling at the kid in english so I think she had selective english ha) Any way I'm going off topic but as  an avid people watcher I love to mentally take notes of other peoples stories call me a creep if you must but its so good lol. So back to original pushy grandma these bog boys had taken over the tower in the sand pit and wouldn't let any other kids play with the pully system that transported sand, I had been watching and they had yelled at one to many toddlers for my liking as stye eagerly tried to fill the bucket with sand or if they dared to try and take a share of the sand being emptyed at the bottom all they got was an earful again where the fuck were there parents?! They were so rude and so self righteous I would love to stereo type this one but I won't haha, any way this random g ma shut their operations down so swiftly you se she was quite large on the behind and she used every inch of that survey asset to block these kid left right and centre. It was so funny they couldn't get past her every time they tried she would change angle and shove all her womanly goodies in their stupid little faces until they gave up, I almost sensed we (the other pissy semi helicopter mums) were going to break into apluad and crowd around grandma praising her for the excellent job she did with operation save the sand pit from the rude tweens with your grandma ghetto booty, she deserved a medal!

You know how I said the slightly ghetto ones didn't face me its because they would have listened I felt they had more of a respect your elders presence about them than these wee yuppy ones, they were the type that if you were all stop being little buck ass brats would have back chatted you then ran off to mummy crying until she came and had a go at you because there was no way her son would do what you have accused them off and blah blah blah (I said I wasn't going to stereotype my bad) and then I would of been all well where were you? and she would have been all over there drinking my skim milk extra tall latte with a shot of bulls semen hoping it would help the stress lines she had because her kid is a bratty twat and her husband is always away for work. WOAH B you got way carried away on that story line (soz) but then she would of been all I could see everything and my boys were playing like angles and I would of been all yeah if you like stupid stuck up I own everything I touch angels and then we would have fought, like a mum playground scrap (jokes I've gone to far again) I'm way to classy to scrap out another mum intact I had girls who fight fullstops its disgusting and trashy. Again off topic I think I need to wrap this up or it might turn into a completely non fictional version of events based on the interesting characters I encountered and you don't not see where I would take grandma number one with the old wine glass.

I think I just felt like a yarn and once I started I couldn't stop ha but sometimes thats what you get with me yarn yarn yarn yarn but I also think that why so may of you tune back in each time to read more! So thank you for reading and thank you for always coming back.

B xx

The realist nappies.

I'm not sure why I try and turn everything ghetto fab but I do and these cloth nappies are no exception. They are for realises the realist nappies, I'm really obsessed with them. You see I have two children and when child two was born child one was still in nappies and when I say nappies I mean disposal expensive nappies, some may say whats the big deal? Well let me tell you that the big deal is, the big deal is I get married in 10 short months it might me less by now but I'm just going with it and I need to cut costs somewhere so nappies it was. Rocky was toilet trained and Ruby well she was thrown into the old cloth nappies, I would honestly like to say I was on this eco warrior kind of vibe but truth be told I was poor as hell and I wanted a pretty wedding dress!

I pulled out our trusty old crappy third hand cloth nappies I had used for Rocky that I brought off a friend and plonked her little toosh in them and they were great I mean I thought they were great, they were the only one I knew and boy oh boy was I wrong.

Enter Real Nappies so there was a competition for a photo shoot and obvs I entered Ruby but we didn't win which is ok you win some you loose some hahaha (I'm totally not bitter about this ha) no seriously its totes cool because the main thing was we were introduced to this sweet sweet brand and what an introduction it was. We are now complete converts and a firm part of the Real Nappies family, they got in touch and asked us if we would like to try out their nappies and then spread the word via our platforms of course I said yes because remember I was saving money and these nappies were way prettier than our old third hand ones. Now I think the key to this blog post is that these nappies were so so so so so so good yep that good when I received them and then used them for a week or so I needed more and I then purchased a whole other set that says something right?!

What makes these nappies better than the rest? Ok I'll tell you.

  • They look good. These nappies come in so many colours they are soon much better than the pastel, faded third hand ones we had previously. We have them in black, red, white and pink but I'm boring ha they also come in blue, orange and green theres nothing better than a cute colourful baby butt.
  • They are easy, like really really easy to use I have said it before and I'll say it again I am lazy as hell and that means I always ALWAYS take the easy option that involves less work. That means when I say they are easy I actually mean it, the concept was different to what we had been using and Im not going to lie when they arrived I was like ohhh I don't know these look like that are going to be a bit of a pain in the arse. Boy oh boy was I wrong these are a much better system than the last but I didn't know any better before I changed to Real Nappies and I also didn't read the info or watch the videos before I made my initial 'assumption'.
  • They are easy, ok I know I have already used this but I'm talking about the velcro this time the velcro is great.
  • They save me money, this is a huge one for me remember WEDDING. I worked out I'll be saving over $1000 just in the first year keeping Ruby in cloth nappies, now my maths might not be super accurate but I'm sure the figure is up there. Who doesn't want to save some moolah.
  • They save our planet, yep I do actual care about this aspect as well its not all about the money (it mainly is though, I know call me shallow). Nappies don't break down easy FACT - Every child adds a minimum of 6,500 disposable nappies to our landfills which take upwards of 500 years to decompose thats a flipping long time right! And then theres the 30 billion disposable diapers that get thrown out in the World annually they consume approximately 150,000 tons of plastic and 1,200,000 tons of tree pulp every year. Now compare that to the natural resources used to make and clean three to five dozen cloth nappies.
  • Leak proof, they don't leak! Now I know this is my own personal experience but Ruby has not leaked through once pee or poop, thats seriously something. She has leaked through disposables and our old cloth nappies but never these ones night even at night!!
  • They don't hurt Ruby's toosh, she has had issues right from the get go with her wee sensitive bum and it has been one big head ache after another. I have tried numerous brands of disposables I'm talking like 5+ and had no success, yes some are better than than others but none have completely cleared up her bum like these reusables. I don't know why but even our old nappies gave her a rash its such a eleven knowing I'm not going to be dealing with a red raw bum as soon as I get her nappies off every change time.
  • The liners can be used in disposables, ok this is a weird one but it works for us and its a tip someone else might find helpful. We use the biodegradable and flushable liners in Ruby's disposables because it helps stop the reaction by adding a neutral barrier, genius I know!
  • They are simple to fold, they have different folds for different babes. Theres a newborn fold, a boys fold, a girls fold and then they also have a booster pad for at night.
  • Two kid garuntee, these nappies are an investment they aren't cheap upfront but they are in the long run. I get so annoyed at people complaining about the price about good quality products, yes you pay more in the beginning but seriously weigh it up and work out for your self how much you will save in the long run. Its not rocket science team YOU SAVE MONEY. Any way where I was going with this is that the cost you pay up front is divided between not just one kid but two kids, yep these nappies will last two babies and if they don't Real Nappies will replace them. Please read their website for T&Cs (they aren't really T&Cs I know your over there all argh I bet they say that but the small print gets them off the hook. NO! They are really great T&Cs lol)
  • They have a great range of accessories, we have the swim nappies and the booster pads so she can wear them at night.
  • They look swaggy as hell.

Ok now I've made a video showing you a few ways to fold them and how to put them on.



  • Be careful when using some barrier creams I didn't even think about it and used sudocream on Ruby then after putting the nappies through the wash I realised the sudocream had stained boohoo. It's my own fault because I knew sudocream or any barrier cream with zinc in it stains and leaves this stupid annoying yellow bleach looking kind of mark. I did try again with the nappies liners though and didn't have a problem but be warned.
  • You don't have to wash the covers every time its so amazing like seriously its so much less work, the old nappies had to be washed every time no matter what but never again! I wash these maybe every three nappy changes unless her wee is extra smelly or she's got a little bit of shit on the cover which happens haha.
  • Pre fold them, I have all of our inserts folded ready to go in her drawer this makes for a much smoother nappy change especially if you have a wriggler.
  • Soak in a nappy bucket if the poop is a doozey, this well help keep the insert oh so fresh and so clean.
  • They need to be washed before use, especially the inners. They recommend you wash them a few times before use as this increases absorbency and makes them nice and fluffy and comfy.
  • You can use them on your toddler when you forget to buy nappies for night time, yep I put them on Rocky the other night when I ran out of his night time nappies and they worked a treat. (I squeezed him into Ruby's crawler size because the velcro adjusts so well).
  • Hang them on the line in the direct sunlight this is the absolute best way to ensure the inserts stay fresh to death honestly anything you have that is white and stained put it in the sun it will do wonders for keeping your whites bright!

What surprised me the most, everything! Like I said earlier I had written them off by what I thought a 'good' cloth nappy was in my head, but I was so wrong and am so happy I was able to give them a good go. I think the biggest thing that surprised me was how easy they have been to clean, this was the main thing that put me off when I opened them and prepped them for use but thy are easy peasy if not easier than the old ones. (see video above) I think its important to say not one nappy has stained due to Ruby's poop, this is important to me because I am not using liners with her at the moment (she still has that baby poo runny thing happening so the liners wouldn't really do anything).

Ok I have just talked a hell of a lot about nappies and poop and other things only relevant to a mum. I hope you learnt something and I really really really hope you look at cloth nappies, from one lazy mum to another you can do it and you can do it the busy mums way (I much prefer busy over lazy haha). Its not hard, its not gross and at the end of it you can reward yourself with a banging new handbag or something because remember you saved so much moolah.

Real Nappies - Price Range

  • Bundles range from $46.00 - $937.50 (bundles are amazing value for money)
  • Covers and inserts $17.50 - $19.99
  • They also offer a lay-by system over six months which you can read about here.


We love Real Nappies and hope you do too boom. If you want to try them out don't forget to enter our competition you can enter here, on FB, on IG or in all three of those places. Simply comment here and let me know if you would love to win.

B xx


Catching feelings.

I feel bad when I write a few posts in a row about how shit my kids are and by kids I mean Rocky. But then I remember this is real life and in reality my kids are dicks majority of the time, again I say KIDS and I really mean Rocky but I feel bad singling him out like that but lets be honest Ruby doesn't know if I'm lumping her in the same category she doesn't know any thing and even if she did she can't give me attitude yet so I don't care. I've said it before and I'll say it again I think Rocky and I are really really really similar and it doesn't always work out the best for us, we clash big time and sometimes it ends in tears ok every time it ends in tears. I'm talking both of us crying not just the child. Today was hard and I know there will be other days just like it and then days that will probably be harder than the last but thats just part of this gig we call parenting, I don't like to just focus on the bad stuff because there is sooooooo much good as well but sometimes its hard to see the good. I would like to tell you about the good things in every post but it's easier to tell you about the hard times because I'm venting to you and venting is important, I'm also taking honesty on by the bloody balls so that you other mums know that your no alone and other mums like me that may seem to have it together probably don't have it together. I'm not here to bash IG lol but seriously its not all its cracked up to be, I literally posted a photo of Rocky boasting about the sweet day I had with him almost moments before the shit hit the fan. Theres more behind those little squares and I get it people choose what they post they have themes and specific content they want to share again thats cool I love seeing people who have beautiful feeds (I follow these people and love them) but the thing is their kid still shits and picks their nose, they still piss in the garden (ok maybe thats just my kid) and they still have tantrums possibly really really bad tantrums. We don't see that because its easier to live in a bubble of brightened goodness in at least one aspect of life. I don't have time for that purely because I literally don't have time, I don't have time to care about what people think of me or my family or my IG feed or my parenting choices or why I ate pudding for breakfast so I post what I want when I want and you can take it or leave it because I give zero fucks and you can literally unfollow if you want too haha.

I went off topic, I went a bit ranty sorry about that those were not my intentions but it is a wee bit relevant to this post kind of maybe a teeny bit lol.

Tonight I am exhausted, I am drained emotionally and mentally because life went from 0-100 real quick this arvo and I feel the need to tell you about it because I know I'm not alone and you need to know that too. I've got that hideous post Kim K ugly cry glow, its not pretty my ugly cry wasn't pretty. I yelled at Rocky this afternoon, I yelled at him and I yanked his arm to get him to listen to me and then I stormed off to hide in my room. I hid because I was overcome with guilt but I walked away because I needed to take a breather and I needed space between us, I sobbed as he screamed at our bedroom door yelling for Mama I actually had to lean against the door to stop him coming in. Then Jared came and took him away he took him away and he comforted him and explained to him what had happened he calmed him down and then he helped fix the situation. I came out because I was worried tea was burning I snuck past the lounge I wanted to sulk in the kitchen and just cry some more but Rocky spotted me with his eagle eyes he came in and we sat on the kitchen floor together, he didn't need prompting he just said cuddle mama and then he said I love you. My sweet sweet boy who comprehends things beyond his years sat on the kitchen floor with me and held me telling me he loved me I cried more and he was still doing those hiccup things you do when you have cried a big ugly cry it was definitely still the guilt making me cry but it was also because he was such a beautiful soul, he pulled my face into his little hands like he does all the time and planted a kiss on my face saying "I love you Mama". I apologised I told him I was sorry for yelling at him he smiled and said thats OK Mama he also told me I was welcome because he gets confused with all these manners, he made me smile in that second and I remembered these are the little things this is life real life. This was me righting my wrongs and this was him understanding and reassuring me his mum, his protector and his teacher that it was ok and you know what this means this means I am doing something right.

I cried heaps more tonight I cried as I cut the chicken, I cried as I roasted the veggies, I cried as Rocky was taking a shit and I was patiently waiting to wipe his ass I just cried and cried and cried. Then Jared realised I was still crying and I was kind of still crying because he didn't care about me yep bring out the violins but I wasn't ok and he hadn't cared yet, I was overthinking everything like my head was literally spinning with emotions and questions and self doubt I was waiting for the only persons approval I need and it hadn't come yet. Now Jared's a great person don't get me wrong he's the best dad and he's a really amazing partner but he's a man and they're stupid when it comes to baby girls emotions so even though he's pretty great he's still a bit of an ass sometimes. This time was totally unintentional he was kind of in sole charge of the kids while I was having this mini meltdown in the kitchen but the longer he left it the longer I had time to think about how much of a terrible person I was because I never clean (yep hate cleaning) and I forget things at the supermarket every time I go (pretty much everyday) and I made Chicken for tea when he didn't feel like chicken ( he ate the chicken happily and has made numerous comments about how good the chicken was he even had thirds of the chicken) I needed to stop thinking and crying into the chicken. Obviously he then figured out I was still crying and he made it all better by pretending he didn't mind that I don't clean everyday and acting like he doesn't mind running back tot he supermarket after I've already been twice that day because I forgot the one thing I went for and he reminded me he always eats the food he complains about happily. Argh so much thinking but now we are out the other side and the emotional haze is lifting apart from that Kim K glow I was telling you about and I'm not talking about the one she got after her holiday in Bora Bora, I realised it happens and I know Rocky forgave me I know he loves me and I know its OK everything is OK and being frustrated is OK having feelings is OK, crying is OK and you know what sometimes yelling is OK.

We are amazing us mums I don't get a lot of sleep and I know some of you are functioning on a lot less sleep than me so I need to pull my shit together and get on with being the raddest mum I can, that doesn't mean I have to be a perfect mum but it means I have to do my best and keep my kids alive hey and if they look cute in the process thats another win. Some days are hard and we need to take a step back or run away and hide to take a breath its normal and you are not alone if you have done this you are doing the right thing you are doing what is best for your child and you are killing it as a parent. We need to break down barriers, we need to offer support, we need to rally around our fellow baby mamas and talk about what is normal because chances are you are normal even if your norm is different to mine and my norm is different to the next person.

Now heres a pic from earlier today before Rocky started whinging and before I realised how tired I was, heres why I'm sharing this story.

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Baby food for the Baby Girl.

Hello! So the other day I snap chatted myself making some baby food and a heap of you messaged asking about it so I thought OMG why don't I make another fab youtube tutorial, now this one is no slaying brow tutorial (which you can watch here) because lets face it we're making baby food theres only so many jokes you can crack about baby food before it becomes inappropriate like I totally had to crop like five jokes because I was all woah Bekah people may really find this NOT funny and kind of inappropriate and aint no body got time for that. But the flip side is people may have found it really funny but atlas this way I won't get no mofo'ing trolls grinching at me for saying something out of the ordinary.

Baby food here is a new thing, she's only had a few tastes of avocado and a little bit of a kumara mash. But seriously this kid is sitting over here acting like she's bloody starving, we eat and her mouth goes open and shut open and shut theres literally a pool of drool all around her and those hawk eyes they don't miss a flipping thing every mouthful every sneaky bloody bite she sees and she makes you know that she's watching. It's kind of like a horror film where your being watched and someones prank calling you t the same time, Ruby is the murderer and i'm the hot babysitter who runs upstairs when you should never ever run upstairs like you will for sure die! I've gone off track here pretty much where I was going with that is Ruby is ready for solids. But I wasn't actually planning on starting her on solids until like 6-7 months purely because I do not want to prepare food for two children when its hard enough with a toddler and I know I was going to have to feed her sooner or later but I was really going with late.

Rocky started solids at five months on the day, I was so eager for him to start solids and hit that milestone that I didn't really care about wether he was actually ready or not. I don't really remember but I'm quite confident he was not into it at all but of course I knew best and I decided he was way into it, now I know more like most of us mothers do second time around and there's so much more to consider than just thinking your kid is ready for solids. I won't bang on about these things because I'll probs get the facts wrong and then I'll get mums messaging me like argh your ruining the world one baby at a time with your wrong info so instead at the bottom of the page I'll link so legit pages with legit info by legit people ok.  But if you are looking for some un legit advise that is 100% not backed up by facts by all means keep reading, it isn't recommended to start babies on solids until six months plus and for good reason so please do have a read up on the facts and think about the reasons you are starting your small fry on solids (please don't give them fries).

Ok responsible part over I talk a bit more about our baby food journey in this video which you should totally watch Rocky makes a cute cameo and I'll list what ingredients we used here with a quick run down on what to do but if you need a step by step guide plonk me in your kitchen with you and whala I'm like a personal virtual chef.

I had pretty much forgotten what to start Ruby on so I googled it and google was lame so I asked a mate they gave me some ideas and the I just winged it but here what we went with.

Pumpkin and Kumara

  • Classic kiwi choice all its missing is a side of L&P and some Watties tomato sauce (this sis a joke chill out). So pit and peel the pumpkin then peel the kumara, cut it all up and chuck it in a pot of boiling water. Cook until you can stab a fork in there and it kind of breaks away pretty much a very over cooked vege, then drain the water into a bowl so if you need more liquid for pureeing you have it handy. As you will see in the video DO NOT put this is your nutribullet but maybe use a mouli you found in a museum or mash the shit out of it oh or if your modern use a stick blender. Whip it all up and add liquid as required I also added some breast milk for a bit of a kick. Then thats it YOLO your done chuck it in an ice cube tray then into the freezer.

Avo and boob juice

  • This is a tricky one because the only Avo I could find was a a teeny tiny little babe of a avocado it was 99c and the best out of a terrible bunch, the ones at the supermarket are bigger but not ripe and about $3.99 a friggin piece (eye roll). So you cut in half, take the pip out, scoop out the insides, throw it in the blender, add a decent amount of breast milk then for wizzle my nizzle it in the nutribullet. Thats it thats that one done its super easy, scoop it all out into ice cube trays and freeze. BOOM.

Pear and Apple

  • Ahhhh another kiwis classic maybe try this one with a side of speights and a mince pie (again joking mates)but seriously peel and cut the core out of the apple and pear then cut up and pop in a saucepan of boiling water. You don't want to much water just enough o cover the fruit, then once its cooked drain the water into a bowl in case you need more liquid at the end but I'm pretty sure you won't and you'll know why if you watch my video up there. This is probably best done in the nutri bullet (when its cooled down) or with a stick blender because its hard to break it down with just a hand masher. Once your mooshed it all up slam it into the ice cube tray and desert is ready.

Ok thats my lowdown on baby food head over to you tube to watch the video if you want to know more or see more, but you should really try your best to make your own baby food. In the long run its a lot cheaper and its so so so much better for our babies, you don't need fancy organic produce just standard bottom of the veggie drawer stuff is totally fine. Cook a big bulk lot when you get a spare minute and chuck it in the freezer, use ice cube trays to do this as you can grab out the right amount easily without wasting too much.

TOP TIP - Pull the ice cube trays out for 5 mins or so to let them thaw the slightest then you will easily be able to pop them out and get them into zip lock bags for easy storage.

If you can't make your own baby food theres one baby food brand totally out doing the rest, Little Angels pure baby food. They are so good its all fresh and made how we would cook it at home then snap frozen so it retains its nutrition and flavoursome goodness, there is so much in the range to pick from even the fussiest of fussy babies won't complain. You can search a stockist near you on their website or head over to our good mates at the baby bag who will be able to deliver it right to your door step (on the same day if your in auckland) or over night for the rest of the country. This is the only way to get your hands on it if your a fellow south islander so go check them out, I am going to keep our freezer stocked over the coming months because lets be real I'm not going to practice what I preach 24/7 ha.

Helpful NZ links

Plunket (I like plunket so don't poo hoo them over you bad experience ok)

Ministry of health


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The Essentials.

This is my list, the one I was planning on writing when Ruby was a few weeks old but the only thing I was capable of writing about then was sore nipples, cluster feeding and how fat I felt. But then this morning a friend txt me asking my must haves as she wanted to put together the most epic of epic baby presents so here it is, theres something for everyone from decor to healthcare to clothing, books, bath products and a baby bag delivery service.

Lamington Socks 

  • These are the best thing since sliced bread, seriously I found them when Rocky was a babe I was so over constantly pulling up his socks it used to drive me mental or I would loose one sock that had fallen off when we were out. They are made in NZ with fine merino wool and I can assure you once you put on a pair of lamington's you wont go back. They have such a huge range you wont be stuck with boring woollen socks, we normally have like four pairs on the go through out the year which is heaps. They wear incredibly well with only minor piling and I even put them in the drier all the time with no issues (they probably don't advise this though lol). I actually cant rave enough there is nothing that compares and they are top of my list for birth right through, I also have a pair and I know Jared felt left out and wants some for winter too. Seriously team if you don't have any laminations go out right now and buy some or just shop form your couch in your fat pants whist your watching toddlers and tiaras.


LFOH merino

  • I feel like I want to start everything with we LOVE this product but the truth is this list is my jam! we really do love all of these products. LFOH or Little Flock Of Horrors is one our fave brands for both Rocky and Ruby, they not only have some super soft amazing garments made from the best merino but they also have the raddest designs out! For realises its warm and practical but its so cool and swaggy ah I literally can't deal. Theres something for everyone and you won't be disappointed in the quality, we also have some cool stuff coming up with them so keep your eyes peeled! All the garments are made with children in mind, the more attitude the better!


George Henry

  • We have a theme running here, super cool NZ brands. George Henry caught my eye just after Ruby was born and I struck up a online friendship with owner Jana we grabbed a t shirt for Rocky and a onesie for Ruby both with matching monogrammed R's. There really is nothing better than matching kids I know one day they will hate it but for now they will match! A good range of onesies is a must in a NB babes wardrobe seriously they shit through everything so you want things that are quick and easy to change, but you still want something that looks good and these onesies tick all the boxes.



Bonds wonder suits

  • This is a must for me they are the best but they are hard to get you can purchase from the warehouse and from tiny turtles here in NZ as the aussie website doesn't ship here due to fire safety regulations being different. Oh and sometimes you can get them super cheap at countdowns. The wonder suits are so practical all year round, Rocky lived in these and now Ruby does as well. Two things stand out for me the two way zip hello easy night changes with no fiddly buttons and then the little hand and feet pocket things, so these fold over the ands and feet perfect for adding that extra layer of warmth and keeping little baby mitts from scratching at their face.



  • Bibs, bibs, bibs you will need so many bloody bibs. I literally go through 10 a day and that's probably a good day ha, I have used a lot of different bibs and I've even made my own but shit these vinty ones are good. They are so well made and come in the most amazing vintage fabrics backed with a soft fleece backing, they are fastened with an easy stud and have the two sizes so they won't grow out of the bib in a week! these are by far my fave bibs and really good value. Did I mention she also makes gorgeous dolls and rattles.

vinty bib 2


  • Kiwiherb is so good they have the most amazing products that will save your ass so many times as a parent. I'm going to do a full review on them soon with some sweet giveaways but in the mean time just buy some any way! We used kids calm in the first few weeks on both Rocky and Ruby to calm their asses down when they were both crying simultaneously. Ruby got a cold at three weeks old and it was so nice to be able to give her Kiwiherb de stuff to help unblock her, knowing it was all natural and that it would work in a gentle way on her little body. Then the baby balm oh my its so good, we used it as soon as Ruby was born just putting a little bit on her butt so that when she passed the meconium it wouldn't stick to her wee toosh and be uncomfortable to get off (its like tar) and since then we have used it daily on cuts, scrapes, dry skin, my dry lips, her nappy rash and as a massage oil it actually does it all.

The baby bag

  • The baby bag is totally genius, the absolute perfect gift you could ever give a new mum! Jessie is amazing to deal with and is always happy to have a chat to work out how she can accomodate your needs. What is the baby bag? its literally a baby essentials service that delivers right to your door so you place an order online or purchase a gift card then the magical team at the Baby Bag put it all together then drop it on your door stop either over night (north island) or they even manage a same day delivery in Auckland!! I know its that good. I have ordered off them many times and my most resent purchase is the reusable breast pads these bad boys are great I am constantly running out of boob pads and leaking all over the show but these are the solution, they are really really good.



  • Ok so we all already know I am obsessed with Haakaa so I won't go into to much detail because I've written about them a few times already but their products are just too good the breast pump is a must, the teething toys are a must, the bottles are a must and literally all their stupidly good ideas are a must for every new mum. That is all.


Manuka Honey breast pads

  • Please buy this product for every single breastfeeding mother you know, MANUKA HONEY on your boobs that are tender and chaffed and cracked and sore and just having a really really hard time is the best thing you can do. Enough said.

Inflatable bath mattress

  • I won one of these bath mattresses from the baby tool box when Ruby was just born and I had never seen anything like it, its literally a lilo with a mesh bottom and the baby just floats on the water. It sounds so strange but I'm not kidding its the best bath invention ever especially if you are bathing more than on kid at the same time, I could have them both in bath and Rocky still got a decent amount of water to splash around it. I want every mum with a baby and toddler to know about this its so easy to use it takes 30 seconds to blow up and its deflated in a second at the end for easy storage. Another thing I love about it is how Rocky was involved with Ruby he could bath with her and also help wash her which I found so important for their bonding.


Wee Welsh wooden baby gym

  • We had the biggest bulkiest plastic play gyms with both kids and I only wish I came across wee welsh design earlier, she crafts the most beautiful wooden play gyms and other wooden items.  Seriously the one we used was so annoying all Ruby had to do was yank it to hard or kick it and the whole bloody thing would tople over, plus did I mention it was huge and ugly and annoying as! Check out Stacey's designs and if theres something you can't find get in touch I'm sure she will be able to help you out.


Pop Factory ABC print

  • This print is the first thing I brought for Ruby's room, I love it so so much. Its bright and fun and kind of educational ha its so cool! I literally brought this and then designed everything else around it, you can't go wrong with one of their designs there's something for everyone. It's no secret how much I love PF so browse the site because its not only the prints that would make a great gift for a new babe.


Moe Pepe dreamer

  • A friend gifted Ruby  dreamer from Moe Pepe when she was born and I was hooked on Jess's work instantly, we now have three in the house and I need more. They are handcrafted with so much love and the designs are so thought out, there is nothing sweeter then a beautiful dreamer hanging above a bassinet. You can also turn any of the dreamers into a dreamy mobile to for your babe to gaze up at, aren't they gorgeous!


Sleepy Kiwi Book

  • Another stella NZ designed product, this book is so good. Its so good infact that we have two! Ruby loves gazing at it when she's having tummy time and the black and white illustrations always catch her eye when she's fussy. The story of the sleepy kiwi is the cutest and this is now one of my go to baby shower gifts, you can also get a sleepy kiwi soft toy and a sleep journal in the range. Sold through Little + Sleepy and illustrated by Kat Merewether.


Hello My Love Milestone Cards

  • Possibly the coolest thing ever that I wish I had when Rocky was a baby, these milestone cards are so good they are little cards you use to document your baby hitting each milestone. So they have a range of milestones printed onto them, there's months, sitting, walking, talking, smiling, laughing the list goes on. You grab the card needed and place it next to your super cute babe to get a super cute picture to share with family and friends so they can keep track and then you will also never forget the ages they hit all the milestones.

ruby 5 months

Ok so that wraps it up I guess its more a gift registry than anything else, I have another list of things that are your more practical items like the square cloth nappies and straight jackets but I'll save that for another day! I would 200000% recommend everything on this list just as I would happily receive any of the things on this list as a new mum, some of the products are no brainers and you probably know about but some of them I have dug out of the depths of baby land. All of these businesses are NZ owned and operated which is such  a cool thing please head over and check them out, support them, shop with them, spread the word about them and flick them a like on IG or FB we would all really appreciate it.

And if you haven't already comment on my Facebook page or IG page or here to enter to win $500 worth of NB baby essentials brought to you by myself and all these rad brands, you can enter via all of the methods listed above every new comment is a a new entry and I will randomly draw on Sunday night.

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