The good the bad and the cute.

Today Caitlyn Jenner made her debut on the cover of  Vogue and my God did she look fierce hello babe! Ive got two friends front page worthy as well and they would totally sell mags maybe not Vogue, but there's a certain type of mags they would sell by the truck load. I'm talking about the boobies this morning I woke up to huge knockers. Someone commented on my lovely petite bump today but then their attention moved to the girls. Yes I said I went through puberty over night and I'm not even being dramatic I went from a 12 year old pre pubescent girl to Pamela bloody Anderson, they hurt and they're lumpy and all Rocky wants to do is jump on them 😳.

When I was pregnant with Rocky my first symptom was boobs! sore boobs, big boobs and un even boobs but New Babe I'm 19 weeks in and only just jumping on the bosom train.

This is the before by the way the good stuff, the baby girls got boobs stuff I'll save the saggy granny boob post for later in the pregnancy when we're all a bit more aqainted with each other 😉.

Now the ugly and cute come together tonight I get it they aren't two words used together often but last night they were beautifully blended together in a thoughtfully wonderful way. Jared the oh so romantic decided to comment on the 19 week double chin that may or may not be my new accessory "hey babe I think your getting a double chin" with one quick look he very promptly followed up with a "it's cute though girl" cue heart melt moment 😂.

Happy Tuesday friends yay for a short week xx