First Timester Essentials.

image The old hair tie trick. Your welcome 😉

Rocky was a perfect little bean in my belly right from the get go he behaved. He was the most relaxed mini babe and did not give me one ounce of grieve I worked, I ate, I didn't need 5 naps a day I didn't start crying until at least the 2nd Trimester so when New Babe came along shit was I in for a shock.

literally from conception I was crook I was so so sick I slept with a bucket I had 2 negative tests before I got a positive and even then it was the most faint of faint lines most people would have thrown that test straight in the bin as a negative but I was looking for that double line and just knew it was there. The sickness was insane I never once was physically sick and I feel kind of cheated like you know when your hung over and you vomit then you feel better I felt like if I just vomited I'd feel better for a bit? But noooooo I just felt like crap for 15 weeks.

Thank god for Grandies and amazing baby daddies. I spent a lot of the first 15 weeks in Christchurch at my parents where I could just wallow in my own self pitty and try to work out how to put this bean into time out to give me a break! It was bliss and I am so grateful I didn't have to change a poopy bum or cook a meal for a good 2 weeks when I was at my worst.

The rest of the time I had Jared and he is quite the gem. Daddy day care became a frequent feature every morning he got up with Rocky and let me die in bed until at least 8.00am then at lunch time he would come home so I could nap he cleaned and cooked and let me watch shit TV so thanks babe.

Skin care - I swear a good skin care routine made me feel so much better, my skin turned to total shit but by using some amazing products I noticed a huge improvement and felt ghetto fab all over again.

Tailor was my saviour seriously it is such an indulgent skin care range I could use The Mask and feel instantly lifted, The Oil Cleanse was the easiest cleanse I have ever used quick and so effective which is a must at the moment, and then getting my hydration hit from the gel moisturiser I woke up with at least my skin feeling amazing every morning even if the rest of me was falling apart.

Food - Oh boy food was a love hate relationship with food in those early days I literally lived on bacon It was the only food I could think about and not feel sick and hey I'm not complaining because bacon is good right?🐷. Ginger nuts were also a staple in my diet I kept them in the nappy bag, my pockets, my hand bag and the car pretty much you name it and I probably kept ginger nuts there. I tried ginger lollies but they were not my friend 😷.

Hair ties - when you aren't quite ready to let go of your cool skinny person pants but every day doing them up becomes more and more of  a struggle just pop a hair tie in the button hole so you can keep that booty in those apple bottoms a little longer.

Do shit - Last but not least get out there and do shit because the more I mopped at home feeling sick the worse I felt. If I went out and did something I found I forgot all about that constant hang over I had going on and felt normal again, yes I know it doesn't last but once I got over my self it was nice for an hour or two.

Any who baby mama's enjoy it while you can if you have someone to run around after you milk it and if you don't I take my hate of to you because I was a little bitch in my first trimester you are amazing!!