Cute outfits and tantrums.

Rocky's cute outfit to distract me from how horrible he was today. Hot mess y'all.

Today I was a hella hot mess! Rocky woke up on the wrong side of the bed at 4.00am and shit was this morning hard work. He grizzled  and grumped and would not leave a homegirl alone which was a problem because we planned a last minute trip to Christchurch and I had some serious packing to do, keeping in mind packing is not a strength of mine. So I got him sorted by throwing his whole room into a suit case while he tried his best to throw it all out of the suitcase, he clung and clawed and cried the whole time so I waved my white flag and got him dressed for play group, he was dressed I wasn't and he was still screaming to go outside. I was defeated and needed out so I put a 10a strapless bra on that I had worn to my 6th form ball purely so I didn't have to take the clothes I had worn to bed off and put some proper underwear on, its official I was ready to roll out of the house in what some would class as pyjamas 😱.

Here's one for yah I know I'm not the only one thinking it but I'm probably the only one to say it out loud for the world to read. I dress my child in an extra cute outfit just to make looking at him more bearable on a day like today. Yep looking at him made me want to hide in a cupboard and not come out until Jared got home so I put my fave Pop Factory combo on him and ran away to play group.

When Jared came home at lunch and I let him know how our morning went all he had to say was "You broke your rule, you said you would never go to play group looking like a hot mess" and yes yes I did and I'm totally ok with it.

So people if wearing the clothes you slept in out of the house gets you through the morning or if you have to dress the kid extra extra cute just to deal with the tantrums go for it and do it proudly for the sista's xxx