I would call Rocky a well traveled babe we might not jet off to the Maldives or Tomorrows prep.

Europe but we travel. Mainly North island to South Island so no longer than a 1.5 hour flight at a time but I've still got all the tricks of the trade when it comes to travelling with a kid.

I guess I'm kind of a pro at it now the smaller they are the easier they are you know when you can totally manipulate them still by getting them completely milk drunk and they blissfully sleep the whole flight. But then they grow and they are walking so they want down to run around up and down the isle but they can't because there's turbulence and you have to keep them strapped to you for the entire flight!! Turbulence is my worst fear not because it scares me but because having Rocky strapped on my lap for 1.5 hours scares me.

So here are my tips for traveling solo with a child.

SNACKS - Snacks are key like the importance of being over prepared in the snack department can not be stressed enough. When he was little it was wine biscuits and apples he was obsessed with apples so I basically took a tree of apples into the plane with us. Then we moved on to cheese I would cube like a whole bloody block and that would come with us in the nappy bag. Now it's mandarins I have just spent the night peeling and separating like 10 mandarins and I'm not kidding I pretty much filled a large snap lock bag and I'm almost certain he will eat them all. Now the last but totally most important snack is a treat item I took m&ms on a flight when Rocky was about 11 months old and my god they were a life saver and I'm totally ok with my 11 month old eating chocolate because he shut the hell up and if you are the person that hates kids screaming on a plane or your the mum trying to keep their kid from screaming on the plane then you will not be judging me right now.

So for tomorrows flight I have a huge bag of prepped mandarins, raisins, cheese cubes, tiny teddies, choc fish and  m&m minis. Also a bottle even though he only has one before bed you can never be to prepared.

TOYS- Toys are still important but with limited space and possibly a weird smelly creepy man sitting next to you remember the above snacks are key. Our faves are cars, books, more cars and fire engine toys. I would steer clear of anything that makes annoying noises or things like balls that may be dropped and roll under a thousand seats in front of you.

Things to remember 1- no one likes a screaming kid on a plane but if your kid is screaming just cry it's totally acceptable and people will be really nice they will give you a wee sympathetic look and not say another mean mutter about that child. 2- The tray is great entertainment I do it up and Rocky lets it drop it might not be so fun for the person sitting in front of you but remember you cried they aren't allowed to be mean. 3- Ohhhh poop always remember change the nappy just before boarding one time when Rocky was little he pooped through his clothes and it was so awkward I had a lovely young guy sitting next to us and it was easy to address it with a toilet joke but shit it could have be embarrassing. 4- A carrier is a must I could not fly solo with out our trusty Tula having your hands free makes for way less stress. 5- Oh and my top tip is to get the seat next to you blocked so head to the counter early and ask if the seat next to you and your infant has been allocated if they say no you can get that seat blocked so they fill all other seats first and yours last I've only had someone next to me twice and we have flown a lot, life is sooooo much easier when you don't have someone next to you that your babe can smoosh soggy biscuits into. 6- Ohhhhh and lucky last I just remembered is if you are say only taking a car seat or just a pram on your trip Baby gets 2 items of luggage so use the other item to get an extra bag on the plane 😉.

Tomorrow we have a 6.40am flight and yep I will be feeding my child chocolate if I need to on that flight it's never too early for some treats to stop a 6.40am tantrum on what will pretty much be a plane full of business men.

Those my friends are my top flying tips and  if you want to see our traveling adventures check out #rockyontour on Instagram. Next time I'll cover road trips because we are pretty good at those as well xxx