Oh hey there New Babe.

20 week belly shot. 20 Weeks!!!

Hey baby!

Hello New Babe you beautiful little digital squishy bean you. Yesterday mama, your big brother and Nana got to come and see you, it was seriously the best normally we get our scans done in Palmy but because we are moving to Christchurch and our midwife is here we got the scan done here on this trip and oh my it was a treat they use 3d scanning down here shit you don't get that in palmy. Seeing your wee face in 3d was so special I think you look like a girl but only time will tell because we have decided to keep your sex a surprise and I'm so glad we did even though we found out with Rocky. We are all on team girl apart from dadda who is pretty set on another boy but we will just have to wait and see.

I'm not going to lie most of the things I've got stashed away for you are slightly more on the "girl" side and your heart rate says girl but I am actually ok with another rad little dude this time around, however with Rocky if they told me girl at the 20 week scan I would have cried I wanted a boy first so so bad. If you are indeed a wee darling we will name you Ruby but if your a boy I'm really in trouble dadda isn't helping with name suggestions he just likes to wind me up. Last week I asked and he gave me 3 options 1-  Frank (he actually loves this name  2- Sione 3- Tama Iti so please for your own good be a girl.

Now don't get me wrong I loved Rocky right from the start but I can't stop looking at your pictures I'm sure it's just cause of the cool 3d pics but I've all ready noticed things about you like that cute wee island nose you have and the smile plastered on your face. People have also said it looks like you have a lot of hair and the sonographer had to double check your tummy measurements because your measuring ahead by 2 weeks she referred to it as your chubby belly 😍. Rocky had the biggest puku and still to this day does so it must run in the family.

Any who your still going to be in there cooking for at least another 18 weeks so keep growing my babe and we will see you soon enough p.s we love you so so much already your so lucky to be born into our family we are a pretty cool bunch if I say so my self xxxx