20 week problems.

Keeping it super glam in A&E. Tomorrow I'm 21 weeks and yesterday I had problems.

Jared knows the way to my heart.

Rocky was the most perfect baby in every single way right from conception the little dude gave me no problems what so ever I had a small amount of heart burn but that's it, I never realised how lucky I was.

Yesterday morning I woke up at 5.30am with the worst cramps in my lower tummy but I was all meh I probably just have to poop or something haha. I went back to bed with a hotty and things didn't feel right but I'm in no way shape or form a worrier so I was all I'm sure it's fine. By lunch time I was super uncomfortable and had taken pain killers plus pooped with no relieve the lower back lower tummy cramps were getting worse by now and I was starting to worry a bit as like I said Rocky was a dream pregnancy.

Mum suggested calling the midwife and she wasn't too concerned because cramping isn't uncommon and there really isn't a lot you can do about it but ride it out. After the pain was only getting worse and me realising I was peeing red pee with blood (I had been peeing red pee most of the day but mum and dads toilet is a pink colour and I thought it was normal lol) I called my amazing midwife again who sent me in to a&e to get checked out.

If I was 21 weeks or more I would have gone to Christchurch woman's and now I wish I lied about it and said I was 21 weeks because God is a&e hard work on a Saturday night. We got there just as the rush of sports injuries was finishing and were out of there just before the drunk injuries but there was still more drama jam packed into that Saturday night than an episode of house wives of New Jersey and way more than I've seen in a long time.

The pain was like the most intense period pains I could imagine so after I peed in a cup and they took blood which is a whole nother blog post because I'm a total needle phob 😭. Because of the fact it was a suspected UTI the nurse had to ask if I'd been having a lot of sex lately it was hilarious because mum was there she whispered the question to me but mum didn't have her hearing aids in and couldn't hear any way so I repeated it quite loudly to her the nurse was a little mortified but also hysterically laughing as I let everyone know that erm no that's not why I have a UTI shit girl I shut that shop a wee while ago.. My mum then went on to tell the nurse oh that poor Jared 😂 I'm a huge believer in humour it's amazing how it can change a situation for the better, so if it's stressful don't forget to laugh people it really does help.

All day our sweet babe had been wriggling around and booting the shit out of me so I wasn't incredibly worried about the babe but it's definitely a scary situation to be in when something doesn't feel quite right but you don't know the effect it'll have on something so precious that you love so much. We had the most fab nurse and amazing doctor and it looks like it's some sort of uti but the chances of kidney infections are much higher in pregnant woman so I'm glad we got given the all clear instead of mucking around. A lovely friend who's dealing with a sick little girl reminded me not to take any chances sometimes you can't afford to. I'm so lucky to have my mum who could take  me with Jared being in the North island and poppa who was able to get Rocky sorted and into bed they really are gems.

oh and remember you look like a babe in the gown don't listen to any one who says anything different Jared knows what's up check his reply to do I still look pretty in the photos up top 👆🏼 , red cheeks are all you need to accessorise and always walk holding your bum into your gown my undies may have been showing when I went to the toilet lucky I had mum to yell out in front of everyone and let me know  xxx