Hello Tailor

Before I had Rocky and became uber mum I worked in the cosmetics industry. For 6 years I wore make up every bloody day oh and the wee high heels with the nice hair and cool clothes, but then I had a baby and you know what shit changes today I dropped Rocky at his pre school visit with no bra on and wearing the pants I slept in! I have said goodbye to that daily ritual I had which included lipstick, eyelash curling and bronzer and said hello to snot on my track pants, oily hair I hide under a beanie and hairy legs. Tailor minis.

But I now have a new found respect for skincare! I guess I've always preached how important it is because It was my job to sell it but because I don't wear makeup every day any more a good skincare routine has replaced my elaborate makeup routine. I've got no where to hide and I'm so down on that fresh I don't need makeup look. And that's where Tailor comes in, It ticks all the boxes I seriously love everything about the brand not only has it worked amazing on my hormonal dry - oily - dry (different everyday) skin but it's also free of any nasties which I think is important as a pregnant woman.

Oh and it's the brainchild of a fellow Taranaki gal so I'm all about supporting the locals!

CLEANSE - There are two cleansers on the range the oil cleanse and the dry cleanse.

Oil Cleanse - This is probably my fave product I'm such a sucker for something that smells amazing! It's like a mini facial every time you use it. Pop on your dry face and massage in to remove the days impurities, this is a great way to take your make up off at the end of the day or just use in the evening for a good cleanse before bed.

Dry Cleanse - This is for the gals who like a more deep cleanse it's Tailors answer to an exfoliator and it does an amazing job. Wet your hands then add the dry cleanse massage all over face before rinsing off in the shower or soaking it off with a warm face cloth.

Mist - For the toner lover, this can be used right through out the day to freshen up, keep it in your purse and spray over your makeup to give you a hydration boost but nothing beats putting it on right after cleansing.

Hydrate - This is the most amazing product it's a hydrate gel but it's oil free!! When you put it on it feels so soft and luxurious and because its oil free you don't have that heavy silicon feeling you can get when using some gel products. Bring it down onto your chest for an extra good hydration hit.

Moustire - The perfect moisturiser for an oily skin type, it's light weight and easily obsorbed which is the best feeling when you have more of an oily skin. The last thing you want with is to feel like your moisturiser is sitting on top of your skin and not soaking in.

Masque - The holy grail of Tailor (in my opinion) this product is the best! If there's one thing you need from the range it's the masque. Use it on all skin types once or twice a week for an instant lift. I personally use it when I'm bathing Rocky because I have the time! Haha he's not to sure about it though.

Head over to the Tailor website to check out the full range, you can also grab sample sizes to try it out before taking the plunge on a new skin care range which is such a good idea.

If you would like to win a full set of the minis I have 3 sets to give away over on Instagram @rocky_and_ruby all you have to do is comment on the Tailor post what your fave product is. Like Tailors IG page and mine sign up to Tailors mailing list and a winner will be drawn Wednesday 24th at 8.00pm.