Cry baby.

Ive turned into a crier since having kids. I blame hormones that's legit right? This new babe of ours has not been so kind to me, sickness, pains, more pains a cold that won't go away and I can't take anything for. It's safe to say I've had my fair share of wee cries, or very close calls like a few tears randomly during the day but I can totally get away with the whole "nah I just yawned" excuse.

But when it's pains that are foreign to me in pregnancy it can be a little scary so that makes me cry. After my hospital trip last week I was so cool calm and collected but now that the cramping is back it's a little worrying. Nothing went wrong in Rocky's pregnancy it was a dream totally textbook but this wee bean is a right pain literally. At this stage it's ride it out until maybe it becomes more "eek this really isn't normal" but for now the chin is still up (possibly cause I'm writing this in the bath) oh and I'm writing it crying cause that's totally normal these days.

I cried at my mums netball game the other day literally because a girl a few courts down fell and hurt herself she cried out so I joined in the sob fest. Awkward I know but I played it cool and removed myself from the situation.

When I was pregnant with Rocky Jared made a jokey comment about wether I needed the McDonald's I had chosen for lunch. He was totally joking but he won't make that mistake again! I cried in the middle of the food court whilst he tried to get me to stop. It was hilarious now that I look back on it he must have looked like such a douche and I must have looked like such a crazy.

Dont ever ever mess with a hormonal pregnant woman or really a hormonal mother at all!