Ain't no time for shaming.

Word! My kind of perfect.

I'm a bit of a social media feind like I'm a little addicted I should cut back but it's hard. I know I'll have to cut back when I'm dividing my time between 2 babes and I know I will say I needed to do this ages ago but I didn't so meh.

I started this blog because I have shit to say and I am probably a bit too over opinionated but it's my blog and I can say what I want so again meh.

But back to the social media thing.. It can be so hard to feel like you are doing a good job when there are so many pressures and other influences everywhere you look especially on social media. I love Instagram so much I have made some very real and true friends whom I know I will count as friends for life but it has its place. I feel so lucky to be 1000000% happy and comfortable with my life sure I'd love to get married and own my our own house but for now right where we are I absolutely love my life and am so so happy! But I get it I do understand that it can be hard to not trawl through social media sites and feel like your life isn't quite up to scratch. Like there are so many perfect perfect perfect accounts that I follow and I love them I love looking at beautiful homes and immaculately dressed kids but I am so down on the messy house, kindy clothed don't care accounts as well.

I hate shaming like I hate it so much I hate body shaming skinny or large, bullying or influencing other people to bully the bully back- like how often does that happen seriously on social media someone bullies someone then it blows up on social media and thousands of people then are enabled to turn on the original bully, just putting it out there people you are no better than the bully in the first place! And now it's like there's this "real life" versus "perfect life" on Instagram shaming, I'm so about the real life but in the terms of letting other woman and other mothers know that girlllllll it's so ok to not wear a bra to pre school drop off and that its ok to feel over whelmed and want to put your child in a cupboard and walk away and that you fed your teething bitch of a babe an ice block and cheese for lunch or that you cry 50000000 times a day or that your house is a shit state and you only manage a quick vacuum before your partner gets home or you just let the dog in for a "super quick vacuum". By the way all things listed above are things I have done and do frequently ✌🏼️ so if you do any of the above preach it mamas.

But then there's the perfect side who cares if these woman and amazing mamas want to only show case the good in life or only share pics of their children in amazing clothing. Is it really our place to judge? I guess if I had all these nice things I would probably keep my shit in order a whole lot more as well and if I had a brand new house hell yeah I would take photographs of it in immaculate condition because dahhhh my house would be amazing. And if I could afford to dress Rocky like a model every day yes I would totally but it's not me I take pride in Rocky looking good and I enjoy putting cute outfits together but I'm not going to break the bank to do so because my bank ain't letting me break it.

I guess my point is we are all Mothers and we are all apart of a community I like to call motherhood we are all at the end of the day trying to do the same thing raise amazing human beings and keep them alive (well I am any way). So why don't we all feel great about our life's and worry a little less about others, take it one day at a time to change your mind sets think about one thing you wouldn't change or one thing you are super greatful for and go from there. Don't feel the pressure say no to competing because we are all doing the best we can and we all have unique and amazing things happening in our life's that far outways what you think of the next persons.

You are doing a good job and your life rocks! Wether you have that "perfect" life or that "real" life it's still an amazing life so live it gf's xxx