Home sweet home.

The car seat meltdown. image

Today Rocky and I flew home from Christchurch it was all going well and we were so excited to get home to dadda and then we put the new car seat back in the box for the flight.. Oh hellllll did the shit hit the fan my god, Rocky literally lost it he screamed and kicked and fought so hard it was funny like seriously Rocky it's just your car seat and it's coming with us. Then the pram got put in the car and hello round 2 this plane ride was not looking like a good time.

Now the airport and it's not getting much better he's beside himself over the two said items being on the trolley, it's safe to say I did not let him watch them be whisked away on the conveyor belt. So off to the cafe right next to where we board it's the one that has pies for $6.50 and water bottles for like $4.00 he cons Nana into a cookie he refuses to eat then has a bloody tanty over it being put away then he finds a paw patrol you that is so lame it doesn't even do anything but some how he tricks nana into buying him that as well I didn't even ask how much it cost it was probably $50.00 lol (it wasn't but seemed like it) well it hasn't been played with and you can totally say it spoilt brat haha. Then came the head banging he threw himself forward and smacked his head on the table, I could tell the whole departure  lounge was looking at us praying to not be on the flight with that kid, please let him be flying to timbukto not palmy they were muttering well guess what suckers the pregnant lady who might cry and the screaming kid are on your flight so deal with it because I'm not in the mood and I'll have some pretty choice words for you!

The plane ride, he's kicking and screaming and crying and hitting his head on the side of the plane and booting the seat in front he doesn't want his stupid paw patrol toy or his snacks or his digger book nothing!!! He just wants to be "that kid" I'm on the verge of tears but the lady across from us is super nice so that helps she picks up the things he throws and my life is a little easier (remember people top travel tip block the seat next to you, I have no doubt in my mind he would have lunged at and clawed at anyone close enough to us) he was straight feral. But then we take off and my child who hasn't slept on a plane since he was about 5 months old is asleep, halle frekin llula I ask the lovely lady opposite to confirm and I breath a sigh of relief because that was going to be the ultimate shit show of a plane ride if the devil child continued the way he was.

Yipeeeeee home sweet home, for like 40 minutes as soon as Jared goes back to work Rocky power chucks every where and hello honey we're home. Then another time and another time argh can we go back to nanas now? But don't worry folks I'm a pro at tummy bugs Rocky had the worst one a few months back and after reaching out on IG and some amazing tip guess what I swear by, COKE a big fat glass of coke a few people recommended it and one was a nurse so I figured it was legit lol after the worst bout of spews and poos I gave him coke and he stopped vomiting instantly it was amazing. So today 3 spews in a few cups of coke and bye bye spewy Rocky. Judge away people I don't give a shit if it works it works and I'm totally fine with giving my 18 month old coke for the 2nd time in his life because it saves me sitting up all night with towels and it saves him sobbing his wee heart out after every up chuck Coke is our answer so peace out mamas I'm off to eat chocolate whilst my sweet babe snoozed this nasty wee bug  off