Came to visit me in bed for bedtime story last night 😍 Things are still pretty shitty around here every week it's like I get over something to then be thrown down by something else. I'm sad because I would like to think I'm a very positive person and I also like to think I'm not "that person" you know that one person you know who's always poor me I'm so sick or argh I'm pregnant I'm sore and sick and blah blah, I hate those people but I'm turning into one.

I know I've said it but Rocky really was a dream pregnancy so I'm like what the shit people why am I such a mess this time. I decided to blame my body, I've basically been bed ridden since Sunday with a sinus infection and it's horrible like really really horrible I couldn't stand without out crying in pain, I have dealt with the worst headaches I could ever imagine, I have never ever ever been in so much pain and yep I'm including labour I'm honestly not over exaggerating it's been the pits. Before that it was the morning sickness now I know that's nothing I probably could have helped, then the UTI with those cramps, then just the cramps but no UTI, I've also had a cold probably for the last few months I haven't been able to shake and now this!

So yep I was really questioning my body and I was disappointed in how much it was failing me during this pregnancy. I didn't understand why my body wasn't dealing with my lifestyle I mean last time round I was working full time now I'm just a stay at home mum. Why can't it ward of those nasty winter bugs and keep me feeling energised why can't it help me boot the illness's to the curb? And then I talked to my mum.

That's when I realised its not my body failing me its me failing my body. I'm not my number one priority Rocky is so when he needs to eat I feed him and then feeding me comes second of if  all. First pregnancy I was all I had to worry about I ate on time and regularly and it was good wholesome food because I had the time to make it and I had allocated times to eat it I had a lunch, morning tea and an afternoon tea break because it's the law when you work, but guess what Rocky doesn't give a fuck about those laws and he's my new boss haha. I'm up at 5am because he's an early riser and I'm not in bed until late because that's life I've got shit to do and sometimes the only time I have left to do it is at night when the boss has knocked off (snoozing). I've gone from a full time job of 40 hours a week to a full time job of 400000 hours a week and if I don't have my body's back how does it have mine?if I'm giving it shit food to refuel on how is it meant to keep me energised? and if im not giving it the supplements and rest it needs how is it meant to keep me in good health and fight off all those bugs?

Im run down as hell and it's my own fault I'm not putting into this relationship with my body what I want to get out of it. It's easy to be all oh I'm pregnant I can eat what I want and it's my last chance to get fat (I use those both frequently and plan to continue dont worry fellow pregnant people) but I also need to take more care of my body and if I want to stop feeling so run down and getting so sick I need to make some changes ASAP.

So I would love your help, hite with you tips to keep a me healthy in thinking smoothies to get extra fruit in, any supplements you might to recommend? Quick but healthy breakfast/lunch ideas because this mans can't afford to keep being sick. Send me a message or comment on our IG or Facebook pages with your tips xxx