Rocky/Toddler man flu.

The magic potion. It's 4.39 and I'm currently hiding in bed with the electric blanket on, I've been here for like an hour and it's bliss.

Rocky has a cold and it's seriously the man flu! Can an 18 month old have "the man flu'? He's totally milking it I know he's actually sick

but he's 10000000000 times worse when I'm in the room like you know when your mans sick and they've happily watched TV eating snacks all day on their own whilst you've been at work or out or whatever but then you get home and boom they are dying and it's horrible and they grunt and groan with every nose blow and then look at you like save me Woman! But really it's just a wee sniffle and a tickle in the throat.

Faze 1 was pretty cute.

Well my friends that is Jared I just described he has begged me many times on his man flu death bed to just kill him now or I need to go to the hospital you don't understand bekahhhh I'm dying. He's a drama queen ask anyone but many would say I'm also rather dramatic so our poor poor Rocky really has no chance he's doomed to be over theatrical in life.

Faze 1- So we had a shitty morning he just wanted so sleep but would wake up sniffly then cry cause he wanted to be asleep so he'd lay on me and we would watch paw patrol re runs over and over again until he fell asleep then I was stuck there with out the remote watching those paw patrol episodes singing that lame theme song whilst he snored his bad sicky breath into my face and I just had to wait and wait until Jared got home from the gym so he rescued me and successfully transferred sick toddler to bed. I would call that faze 1 of the Rocky man flu.

Faze 2 consisted of eating ice blocks and watching paw patrol all over again whilst Jared got him dressed without him realising that was hapebng so he didn't have a chance to lose his shit about getting dressed. #winning.

Faze 3 Rocky is an outside kid being inside makes him even more cranky so we headed to watch nanas girls play netball and ate hot chips. Now hot chips probably aren't what most would feed a cold ravished child but this punk hadn't eaten anything all day and who turns down hot chips plus it's basically verge 1 out of our 5 plus a day and tomato in the sauce so that's 2 down correct? He's also perked up from the fresh air yipee.

Faze 4 whine and whinge he's obviously feeling better and he ate most of Jareds noodles so we are on the mend officially but the whining OMG Rocky no body likes that whingey kid!! Don't be that kid, oh yeah he's not that kid when I'm not around.

UPDATE 5.04pm I've been in hiding over an hour and Jareds come in to report back the kid is totally fine he's been hanging out playing happy as Larry.

So basically remove mum from situation and your child will make a miraculous recovery from the toddler man flu. It also pretty much fixes every other toddler issue I've found like if toddler won't eat-remove mum, if toddler won't get dressed-remover mum, if toddler won't go to bed-remove mum. 100% strike rate all those problems go away when I'm not around.

I love you too Rocky xxx

p.s quick shout out to this range KIWIHERB Children's chest syrup we used for 24 hours and cough pretty much disappeared can't wait to use the reat of the range in the future.