Dadda after surgery. image

The 4 of us at the Brighton Pier.


Feeding ducks at the Halswell domain.


Feeding the giraffe at Orana Park.

I call myself a blogger now like its on my Instagram intro so I'm totally legit. But I'm kinda teats at it I started off with a hiss and a roar then I went down hill but I will get better I promise.

The kids been amazing lately not just average amazing you know when you say oh my kids amazing he's never naughty I love him 1000000% all the time and he sleeps so well and he's just such a gem playing on his own loving life but actually they've pretty much been a shit head all day you just don't want people to know about it. Now I know he's always amazing but sometimes he's amazing and clingy and annoying and grumpy and wants to be picked up and held all bloody day long plus will only eat cheese and ice blocks for all meals.

Well well well friends lately we have been actually amazing he slept 7.30pm - 8.17am last night and this kid never sleeps in like he is a 5am riser (well he was, and yes I know it was only one night but I'll take it!) he also slept through the night which is a total hallelujah moment considering he still wakes 1-2 times a night just to be laid back down he won't get out of bed and doesn't cry but needs to be re tucked in and will grizzle until you help him 🔫, he also has all these cute new words like turtle and when he meows or says whale he squints at the same time (I'm aware it's weird but it's so frekin cute haha), he has 3 words Jared and I have voted as our current faves when he says yes but it comes out like yesh, when he says thank you (who doesn't like a kid with manners) and when he says help because he says it really inappropriately like when your forcing him into his car seat while he's kicking and screaming or when your getting him dressed or changing his nappy he says it so clearly and hasn't quite realised if he says help loudly when we are quickly shoving him in a car to stop him screaming people might think mama and dadda are creeps and we might actually be strangers stealing him 🙊.

He's just a pretty cool kid at the moment and he's not always so it's super nice however I am waiting for my devil child to return but for now I'll keep this little babe.

Part of the reason I've been a shitty blogger lately is because we are kind of on holiday Jared had knee surgery so is on leave healing that and we ran away to my parents on chch for some TLC this means we get to do fun activities when he's up to it. We have been to the beach and the pier, we went to Orana park which is like Christchurch's zoo where we fed giraffes and Rocky's fave part was the digger enclosure 😂 he loved seeing the little yellow digger in its natural habitat and we went on some miniature trains because our boy is Choo Choo mad.

Ive got posts planned in my little notebook and some posts saved in drafts which I'll finish soon we hit the 25 weeks knocked up mark on Monday so there's a blog post coming on that and my second trimester must haves plus a bit of a Pop Factory haul and winter outfit post featuring Rocky hopefully it's something you'll be interested in. But for now I'm out xxx ✌🏼️