25 weeks.

25 week bump. Copy cat dirty rat. My photo bomber 😍

Hey baby, we hit 25 weeks on Monday yipee it feels so good knowing you will be here in 15 weeks we have so much to do between now and then like packing up and moving islands at the end of August.

I only have one thing I'm wanting you to do.. Please please please have a peach!

I really feel like your a girl but hey you could be a boy only time will tell, in the mean time I'll keep up my wishful thinking and continue with my more girly purchases and planning the nursery for a girl. And if you come out the wrong flavour you may just be a bit girly looking those first few weeks whilst I get my baby girl fix.

I feel like all I've done on here is bitch and moan about how I've had a shit time but really it's not been that bad, it's just I compare every single thing to Rocky's pregnancy and this is all new territory. It wouldn't be right if I didn't add a new ailment so everyone say hey to the worlds most annoying cough!

I really do love being pregnant though and I know I'll miss it when I push the babe out in 15 weeks. I love the feeling of being pregnant and I love my huge big belly it's such an amazing thing and I do feel so truely lucky and blessed to be able to carry my own babies when so many woman don't have it that easy or don't get the option to do so.

You wriggle and jump and bop around all day I don't remember Rocky being so active and it's nice 80% of the time but baby you can settle down at night if you want too, night is for sleep well it is at least until you get out.

Sleep is a bitch I suck at it and that's the end of that.

I'm feeling super huge thank you for growing so amazingly well, last night your daddy told me I was looking a bit like a whale.. Obviously it was in the nicest loving way lol. Still no stretch marks wohooo but there is still time I'll keep on oiling the belly up in order to keep them at bay.

All and all you my sweets are a very loved little bean and we can not wait to meet you soon soon soon. I'm hoping to meet you a little early as Rocky came 2 weeks before my due date but I don't have that feeling with you I think you'll take your time. I really can't wait it's going to go so fast so I better get my shit sorted because I'm not the most organised person especially this time around.

See you in a few short months New Babe xxx