Sink or swim.

image Pregnant not pregnant.

Today we went swimming and it was lovely we did some Aqua jogging and hung out in the spa and it was pretty bloody cool.

Rocky looked super cute because dahhhh he is super cute but I left feeling really deflated and frustrated with myself for letting his swimming skills fade away. We started swimming lessons with Rocky when he was 6 months old and he took to it instantly we are those parents the mean ones that dunk their babes super early I think he was six weeks old when we gave him his first dunk in the bath so water was never something he feared or was nervous of. He swum like a bloody fish and thrived at every swimming lesson we attended, after two terms we had to stop as we were moving to another town and that was totally fine but then moving got put off and we missed out on getting him into his lessons so all up we missed two terms and I honestly didn't think it was a biggy. I figured he would be a champ in the water no matter what but I got slack with taking him swimming in our free time even though we have access to an amazing toddler pool at the army camp we live on, and today we went swimming for the first time in a long time.

It didn't go well and it breaks my heart where has our little confident dolphin gone? He was clingy and nervous and when we put him under he didn't remember any of his cues, he held on so tight and was not comfortable on his tummy or really floating in any form. He wouldn't sit on the side of the pool and wouldn't swim with Jared under any circumstances, this kid could go under and pull himself up onto the side of the pool all on his own less than six months ago.

I can not stress enough how important swimming lessons are for our babies, I now know this more than ever after seeing such a drastic change in our Rocky I cannot wait to get moved and get back into it. We have found a school down here that follows the same lesson plan we did in Palmy and it's not all singing and dancing and splashing which people seem to think is a waste of time. The things Rocky learnt were about survival and water confidence and it was AMAZING!!  I will argue black and blue with anyone who says swimming lessons are not important our country has such a high rate of children drowning and you cannot put a price on your child's safety. It's also a great one on one bonding time for you and your babe why start later when you can teach them these life skills now?

Rant over but I hope my video on our Facebook page will convince you all to enrol your kids in swimming lessons the earlier the better.

In other news I squeezed my massive boobs into a size 8 bikini top today and the nips stayed in the whole time #winning. Also I will be getting out my larger bosom swimwear as soon as I get home lol.

There were these young army guys at the pools today and I was all oh yeah boobs are out boys are checking me out as I lounged in the spa looking super babeing. Then I stood up and remembered I was totally with child and they were probably just checking out my really hairy armpits. I'm talking serious growth maybe like 10cm haha yep I went swimming in that state and I'm proud of it just rock that knocked up bod baby mamas and let those hairs be free xxx.