Hi I'm Rebecca. Ok

image image imageHey team, this past week has been so super crazy turns out people love reading about woman who openly confess to farting, having strange boobs, fat vaginas and moustaches. Thank you every single one of you for your messages and comments it means so much reading your feedback 👍🏼. We have so many new followers on Facebook and Instagram as well as a ridiculous number of you coming through and having a read of the old blog daily. So I thought it's about time I did a post so you can all get to know my family and myself a bit better. It might not be ober funny or super interesting but I don't really care so heyyyyyyyy here goes.

I'm Rebecca not Ruby believe it or not this is a total myth even if I do get messages and emails daily all hey Ruby 🙊 I guess I started that myself by calling my blog Rocky and Ruby when there isn't actually a Ruby lol talk about confusing for you guys. Rocky and Ruby was a clothing line I started for kids about 16 months ago and I wanted the name to be unisex so Ruby was picked to go with Rocky because ah dah it sounds cute together and if Rocky was a girl or really if any baby we have is a girl it will be named Ruby. Yes I'm aware shits going to get awkward if New Babe is a boy and the blog is called Rocky and Ruby but we will cross that bridge when we come to it, and it just made sense to use the same name for the blog.

So folks now that we've cleared that one up, hi I'm Rebecca Shannon and I am mama to Rocky Lima who is almost 20 months old plus we have one cooking in the oven as well who is due 27th October but gender is yet to be determined I'm hoping girl but Jareds hoping boy either way a healthy babe and we are happy oh and if it's not like a 12 pound island child that could pass as a toddler that'll be great too. Then there's the boy Jared you guys probably feel like you know him all ready he's made a few appearances so far and will continue to feature when he says something funny or does something nice he's always coming out with some great one liners and normally it's hilarious because he's a bit blonde.

Jared and I met in high school when we were like 14 and started going out at 15 which was nine bloody years ago yep so that means we are 25 next!! Eek I'm basically 50. We were living in Taranaki at the time and I went to Spotswood where I was deputy head girl but I was probably the worst one ever I might have been a bit bitter about not getting head girl and basically stopped going to school in seventh form 😝, Jared went to boys high and was a total babe but apart from that sports was his thing and he played basketball pretty well. He still bangs on about this game winner he got one time and how he's still going to make the NBA he's not, that's just lame he's so washed up and injury prone in his old age. I never got NCEA level 3 and I'm totally cool with it even if he still brings it up because he got it blah blah blah hopefully Rocky gets his smarts from Jared and the rest of his swag for me, my grammar is shit I was extra bad at English so if you have a problem with it deal or get ✌🏼️ (I do triple check for spelling mistakes but all my typing is done on my iPhone so things get missed, my sister does however send me mistakes to fix). Any way back to the love story of the century sometimes he was a dick sometimes I was a dick we broke up, got back together broke up, got back together because remember we were teenagers and on that note don't come at me with oh you can't be with one person your whole life or you haven't lived blah blah I'll just have you know we both had a fun in our teenager years wether it was together or apart don't you worry about us (yep people come at us with this all the time) keep it to yourself whanau your opinions don't matter.

Side note it was just pointed out to me I missed out our engagement 😱 it was my 21st  birthday at R&V in Gissy he got down on one knee wearing a suit with John legend playing in the background cue melting hearts haha. One day soon I'll get him down the isle maybe once I stop breast feeding new babe and lose the baby weight because I need to get drunk at my own wedding and being skinny would be nice too haha.

Ok so that's that chapter, we then went to Auckland from school I was doing a make up course and Jared followed about 2 months later ohhhh I know right cute! He bummed around working whilst I finished my course and then we moved back to the naki for me to get work. The plan was always for Jared to join the army straight out of school but it took a year to get sorted so he didn't end up joining until 2010, he went on basic training July and I was all heart broken being the lonely army wife for 7 months I moved home for mum and dads TLC and before we knew it he was marching out plus Ive totally got all the cute letters we would write 😍. The following Feb 2011 I joined him in Palmy where we set up in a new hood out at Linton Military Camp and we have been here ever since. He went away heaps I worked at farmers on a few different make up counters and then fast forward April 25th 2013 I found out that some how Jareds super swimmers (his description not mine) had impregnated me even though I had an IUD up in there that was meant to be my mate keeping those swimmers away but noooo so next chapter we say Kiaora Rocky.

Rocky was born on the 17th December 2013 at 5.00am and it was the best day of our lives! But I'll tell you right now getting that sucker out was not an easy task my super amazing little sausage Rocky came into this world with out a care in the world literally he did not help a sister out at all during labour, my waters broke on Sunday night at like 6.00pm and I had him at 5.00am Tuesday morning, after pushing for 4 hours I had a vontuse delivery and a really really hectic episiotomy it was one big mess but I loved every second of it. I am a bit of a weirdo and even before I was pregnant I was always creeping on birth story blogs and couldn't wait to have a baby, I love child birth and pregnancy but I will do a whole post dedicated to this strange passion and Rockys birth story. So Rockys born he was 7.3 pounds and not the cutest kid on the block think squishy cone head looking hairy alien. I think he was cute Jared was like ahh what is this, don't worry he came right head shape formed and he became less hairy eventually. He was such a gem of a babe and we were besotted well we still are but there's nothing like a newborn when your first time parents just in awe that we made this tiny creature in front of us. He's always been a pretty cool kid and he's only gotten better with age, I won't bang on but our Rocky Lima Keil is absolute perfection.

Ok so the kids born we are still in love I'm now on maternity leave (totally never planed on going back lol) and we make it through the first year one black eye, one split lip, he loves music, swimming and posing for my camera (totally made that up) and I'd call that a successful first year. We traveled a lot nana and poppa are in Christchurch and we were there every second month at lest. Jareds work was hectic he went away more in that first year than he had in his whole career we were so blessed to be able to just run away to mum and dads especially when he had to go to Hawaii for 7 weeks. We had the best first summer with him just travelling around for 4 weeks we went chch, Nelson, Taupo, the other grandies in the naki, the mount and Auckland he's quite the traveler.

So New Babe was planned for when Rocky turned one and we were very fortunate to conceive quickly and easily. I got morning sickness from the get go I did two pregnancy tests both negative before I got a positive it was too early to tell but I knew I was because of how sick I was. Pregnancy this time has been so so but we are getting there and I still love it and know how lucky I am to carry my own babies. So I'm 28 weeks tomorrow and can't wait to meet the bean and find out what flavour we have, im planning a home birth in my parents lounge which is totally freaking out my dad haha. Rocky was two weeks early and I'm kind of hoping for that again this time because with Jareds genes I feel like going over due may result in a super big baby.

Last bit promise stay with me yo, we are moving to Christchurch in 4 weeks so I will be 32 weeks Hapu 😱 but that means I can just stand around all hippo like yelling orders and I don't have to clean because I'm really shit at cleaning. It's just Rocky and myself heading down Jared will stay up here working because he is in the final stages of becoming a policeman and going to police college so that could happen at any time. We again are so so so lucky to be able to move in with mum and dad until we know what's happening and Jared is able to be with us to set up home again, I dream of buying our first home in the next 12 months and Christchurch is where we want to do that. So if any of you baby mamas are from Christchurch hit us with play groups, music classes, toddler gym classes and anything else along those lines because we need to find them all and it's hard researching without knowing anyone to vouch for them haha.

That is basically my life story well it's the backbone of my rad little family hopefully we all feel like friends now and you can possibly relate a little bit more. This blog is something I thought about doing for a while but was in the I'm to boring boat, I wish I started earlier when I was dealing with first time mum issues but I'm excited to be able to share my motherhood journey with you second time around with my new squish and my not so squishy toddler, I might ramble so sorry about that and there might be the odd boring post but you can just deal with that. Also if you want to follow us on Facebook or IG you can find us by searching @rocky_and_ruby on IG and rockyandrubyblog on Facebook.

See ya friends xxx