Co- nightmare.

Co sleeping. I love the idea of co sleeping, and I have the upmost respect for families that choose to co sleep but oh Lordy it's not for me. Rocky was in his own room at 3 weeks old and it was so nice when we did kick him out after those long few weeks. I sleep talk and walk so that was one reason if I didn't wake him up yelling I was constantly waking up thinking he was in the bed and I was squishing him 🙊, and he snorted and snuffled like newborns do which woke me up constantly durning the night. Basically I hated it and we were all much happier when the kid was given the boot.

We have tried co sleeping a few times all failing miserably which is totally fine because it's a habit I'm not down on correcting later on. The latest attempt was on Thursday night Jared slept up at his nans house with grandad and Rocky was really really unsettled from about 10pm so I was all what's the harm I'll just snuggle my little bug to sleep and it'll be so cute and lovely and we will sleep so blissfully what a joke! He kicked and scratched and pulled my hair all whilst giggling like a little bloody girl. It was the pits I didn't sleep he didn't sleep I cried he cried but because we are staying in a granny flat with a million other family members he had to sleep in the same room as me so getting him to stay on his mattess was beyond a joke because he knew mama was right there to "snuggle" with.

I ended up running up to the house at 1.00am to heat a bottle when he never has a bottle, just to get the little devil child to sleep and finally sleep he did for the rest of the night he snoozed peacefully on his little mattess in his little corner all on his own!! It was bliss after battling for 3.5 hours I was so ready for some sleep!!!

So friends it's safe to say we are jumping off the co sleeping bandwagon it is 1000000% not for us after a night of  Rocky kicking me in the back and the new babe booting my insides I would like to report back last night the gem slept all night long in his own bed like usual and I much prefer only having a 30 week bean kicking me not a awkwardly large 20 month old 👍🏼