Holiday hangover.

image image imageToday was our first day home after being in Auckland for almost 2 weeks. Now for us big kids it wasn't a holiday but for a little someone called Rocky it may as well have been, he wasn't in his bed, he didn't have his routine and he wasn't eating his normal food. He was spoiled rotten with pretty much anything he wanted because he had nannies and aunties for Africa and he had them wrapped around his little finger. One of my biggest sayings in this motherhood journey is "do what you've got to do to get through". I'm such a staunch routine follower with Rocky but I also know that sometimes if your child eats half a pack of wine biscuits before lunch time or is onto their second ice block in a matter of minutes because he's played one nana off against another it's not the end of the world and tomorrow is another day, or in our case next week is around the corner and until we are in our home environment there ain't no point tryna fix shit!

Jared and I talked about it during the week we had both noticed some wee habits creeping in but figured trying to cut his sugar intake or trying to get him to stay in his own bed or the fact that he was demanding a bottle in the morning and in the afternoon when he hasn't needed a bottle since he was like 11 months old wasn't worth fixing in that environment. We were staying in a 2 bedroom flat with 6 adults and Rocky ummmmm yes Rocky if you scream at 4.30am you will get a bottle and yes if you are crying in your bed at 5.30am we will let you in our bed to watch digger videos so you don't wake the whole neighbourhood up. The last few nights were like this, it's like he cottoned on to the fact that mum and dad were in the same room and if he acted out we would do whatever he wanted to shut him up because everyone was exhausted and the last thing we wanted was to make it worse. Oh how I missed being able to shut him in his own room where he had no choice but to sleep!!. One night he was such a terror and Jared had been out for some drinks with his brother I literally had tried everything but Rocky just wanted to sit on my face and laugh at me being upset so I txt Jared and said if your not home in 5 minutes I'm putting your child outside, he got home very very quickly lol lets just say I may have put him outside if he was 6 minutes late.

The fact that Jareds grandfather was niuean was such an eye opener for me being a little Palagi girl like when us white folk pass away people bring a casserole or like lasagne, maybe even some basic grocery items like veges or fruit but the foods coming daily were crazy amounts of carbs and sugars. Kfc, boxes of bakery food, coconut bread (like 10 loaves, a box of biscuits (like 50 packets), cakes, tins and tins of corned beef, taro (pretty much a whole plantation), cooked chickens and coleslaw so so much coleslaw it was honestly amazing I've never seen so much generosity during one week. Not one person turned up with empty hands but my lord did we consume soooo much crap, Rocky learnt a new word this week "treat" it was constant treat treat treat treat treat and God forbid you said no! again whatever works he's heading straight to sugar rehab when we get home. The amount of times I heard someone say "oh nanny get you a biscuit, oh Aunty get you an ice block". He knew the system and he played it well cudos Rocky well played.

I thought today would be hell but we did ok 1 ice block was consumed, 2 bottles were consumed and he stole half of my brownie. He had a good nap and there were no temper tantrums I think stage 1 of Rocky rehab was successful, not once did I hear the word treat he ate so much fruit and had an omelette for lunch which is better than we managed in Auckland. I'm not going to lie this week is making me very very nervous but every day back in routine is a step closer to lovely non demanding sleep all night Rocky haha.

I'm sure Rocky would happily stay in his sugar coma but this mama is ready to get him out of it, but not completely because New Babe needs baking in the house and by New Babe I mean me but I'm using the whole eating for 2 thing as an excuse.

Wish me luck for the weekend friends xxx