30 Weeks.

image imageHey you little head of cabbage you (my app tells me that's what size you are at 30 weeks) I kinda wish you were a bit cuter maybe we could say a red cabbage because they look way prettier in a salad right? This app also tells me your about 3 pounds but I have a sneaky suspicion you may be a little heavier because let's face it your dad has some decent island genes and no doubt they will be passed on to you. Your big brother Rocky was 2 weeks early and 7.3 pounds so if he was full term things could have got messy (well messier child birth is already pretty messy) I remember people saying to me almost daily oh you'll go early or oh that's a big baby you have in there! I was convinced he would come out the size of a small island child, lucky for me he was a lovely wee small bundle of wrinkles and hair.

I knew he would be early as well like from really early on I felt he would come sooner rather than later, you however nothing! no feeling like that what so ever. I would like to put it out there and kindly ask you to be on time or a week or two early, mama is so not down on waiting any longer than I have to just to meet you. One because i'd like to keep my vagina in tact this time around and two because I'm dying to know all about you, I'm so excited to see what you look like will you be super Palagi like Rocky or maybe come out a little darker like your daddy, will you be covered in hair like a little monkey again like your brother or will you come out like those awkward cats with no fur, what flavour will you be blue or pink?? Obviously this is the question burning the most I'm seriously dying to catch a glimpse of your bits haha, will you have awkwardly long fingers and a wrinkly wee face that make you look like Benjamin button and will you be an old soul just like Rocky was.

I am dying to get to know you and just lap up those milky cuddles and smiles, I'm dying to have you here snuggled up asleep on your daddy's chest (He's still team boy but has decided a girl will be ok because you'll love him more than me unlike mummy's boy Rocky), I'm yearning to breast feed you and am excited to get it right from the get go and do it with confidence this time around.

Basically we are just excited to have you here in the big wide world completing our wee family of four, you are already so loved but having you here will only make us love you so much more. You will be protected no matter what by your brother (maybe not right of the bat, the kid ain't ready to lose his only child status just yet 😂), you will be spoilt by your grandparents and smothered by your aunties and uncles, you will be so so so loved peanut.

See you soon little babe, not too soon but soon enough.