The model affect.

Heyyyyy so if you follow my Facebook or IG pages you will know I did a maternity shoot on Monday. This pretty much means I'm a professional model now like a real serious top model and with all my modelling wisdom I thought I'd share my top tips on being photo shoot ready. I did a few things to prep for my big shoot and obviously because I'm so experienced in the high fashion/top model world these things made a huge difference on the day.


TIP ONE - Tan, get your tan on GF's seriously everyone looks better tanned even if your like Snow White you would be so much more banging with a subtle sun kissed glow. I literally booked my shoot on Friday which didn't leave me with a lot of prep time so I had 48 hours to get me from 50 shades of pastey to 50 shades of babing bronzed goddess. STEP ONE - exfoliate do not skip this step it's uber important especially for beginners as it'll make for a way easier application less dry skin = no patchy streaky tan. STEP TWO - apply tan straight out of shower, I'm pretty sure your meant to tan instantly on just dry skin (I may have made this up but it works for me) do not under any circumstances moisturise before applying your self tan. STEP THREE - wash hands immediately, no one likes a ompalompa hand. ADDED TIPS - Hold boobs to allow tan to dry slightly or you'll end up with white patches under bosoms and if your boobs and belly don't awkwardly meet you need to eat more.

Trim, Wax and Shave - I think this is pretty self explanatory but if you've been neglecting any areas during pregnancy (👇🏼)then you need to deal to these areas ASAP! There is no excuse for awkward moments with photographer or asking them to edit out any fuzz this is your moment ladies, so own it hair free (plus let's be honest ya'll ain't going to be paying a lot of attention to keeping fuzz free over the next few months). Right  now we've got that awkward intro out of the way I've compiled some guidelines for you to follow. TRIM/SHAVE - if you have kept up maintenance you can skip this section and head straight to vainityville, if you haven't kept maintanance up you need to get in that shower and get your trim on! Gather tools, you need make sure your prepared weed whacker, scissors, razors what ever you feel most comfortable with you get to work with. DISCLAIMER - please take extra care around flaps and other womanly parts you are basically going in blind with that bump in the way and a whole lot of extra caution is needed because it's bloody terrifying. Right back to it I would highly recommend skipping all of the above and making an appointment with a professional shearer/Waxer but if your unavailable follow above tips. WAX/PLUCK - Also check for facial fuzz nothing wrong with a quick wax of the old upper lip, pluck that mono brow you have been ignoring and also give those brows a good shape (again only if your confident head to a pro if it seems to daunting there's only so much editing a photographer can do and adding eyebrows may not be their strong point) oh and lastly the lingering chin hair that might rear its ugly head. ADDED TIPS - If your lazy as hell (🙋🏼) and you have left it till absolute last minute ie morning of shoot then follow all above but wack a pair of nude knickers under your pretty Lacey cream ones and that should solve all awkward dark girl hair issues.


This is possibly my most important tip and the best wisdom you could ever be given to prepare for a photo shoot, on your way you must stop in at maccas and then arrive late at shoot because a large mcchicken combo is a must to fill the belly out and help it reach its full potential remember it is kinda all about the bump. I thought about a salad but then I was all holdddddd on mama this isn't for your Victoria's Secret shoot it's maternity remember like duhhhh!! OMG thank god I remembered just in time I'm so forgetful and with NZFW following immediately after I got super confused what shoot I was actually attending because obviously I'm walking in NZFW as well (I'll prep for that with salads).

Peace out model sisters xxx