To Rocky.

Hello sausage, image

I don't know if you totally understand what is coming, there's a buba you point at in my belly and yep mums fat as shit but I'm not sure if you realise in seven short weeks possibly less because you were two weeks early there will be two of you.

Well hopefully not two of you because mama is counting on New Babe to be a girl but mummy and daddy will have two children to love not just you, I don't want you to worry about it we are all so excited and I know that if you understood what was happening you would be just as excited as we are! You absolutely love bubbas you smother any baby you can get near with kisses and cuddles maybe the cuddles are a bit more of a strangle but you strangle with love. I know you will be besotted with our new babe but it might be a different story when you realise the baby is ours for good and is around 24/7. image

I would like to say it'll be all smooth sailing and mama will have the same amount of time to do stuff with just us two like we do now but darling it won't be like that I'll have to share my time between my two babies and it'll be hard especially for you because your such a mamas boy. I will try my hardest to do special things with you we will go to swimming lessons and take your bike to the park but sometimes you will be upset and disappointed that mummy has to devote alot her time to the baby especially at the start, I know you will never miss out and you will always have someone to play with you because you have your daddy and even though he won't be here all the time when he is here he will play with you until your little heart is content, plus there's nana and poppa poppa can take you to see the diggers and nana will buy you treats because let's be honest you have your nana wrapped around your little finger. I promise you right now our sweet sweet boy you will never ever miss out.

There will be times when you get frustrated and think the world is over because mummy won't let you drive your truck over the baby (I have no doubt that this will happen) or when you want me to do something with you but the baby really needs to be fed and you will have to learn to be patient but I'm sure that will come with time. Your a boy and your rough as guts sometimes that won't be a good thing but when the baby grows up it will be so so lucky to have you as a brother rough and tumble and all.

You will be amazing as you learn to be gentle and mummy and daddy can't wait to see you grow into being the best big brother in the world, you will protect the baby and teach it so many things in life maybe not always things you should be teaching it but meh we will cross those bridges when we come to it.


I think the most important thing I want you to know Rocky is you have my heart it won't be my whole heart because I need to share it now but my heart is so full with love you will not miss out, you will always be content with my love and you will always be my first love that is a special bond we have and it will never be broken. I first experienced a mothers love when I met you and you will always always hold that spot in my heart.

You Rocky Lima Keil are everything never forget that.

Love mum xx