Update on life.

Hey team! Ive been slack at posting lately moving islands caught up with all of us and shit has been cray. But I have things planned over the next few weeks and then after that it's basically going to to be new babe spam (sorry Rocky, you better do some extra cute shit to get a mention kid).

Rocky's birth story is coming, so is a post on what to expect after you've expected (all the good things no one tells you after you push a kid out your vadge), I'll do a 2nd trimester round up (super late I know), and then 3rd trimester must haves, I'll keep posting about embarrassing things that are bound to happen in between all this and then there's the hospital bag, the new born essentials my Lordy I've got a lot to do!


Any who Rocky started pre school last week the day after we moved down so he's pooped but loving it! A little bit clingy when he gets home which is totally not like him but once we are settled into routine I'm sure it'll all get better, and his Aunty is his pre school teacher so that helps. We also started back at swimming lessons on Sunday after 6 months off he acted all cool and shit pretending to hate it (he fake cried the whole time) and God forbid he let a smile out or let anyone see he was smiling but I'm confident in a few weeks he will be bank to his half fish self. Speaking of half fish I'm starting Aqua pre natal class things tomorrow night everyone spare a thought for the whale and those poor  new mums witnessing me still pouring myself into a teeny bikini 😂.


So basically for the next 10ish months Jared will be coming and going whenever he can as he works in the North island finishing off the army this year and then heading to police college in Feb. It's going to be hard like really really hard but it's probably going to be the most hard on him he's such an amazing hands on dad and now he only has contact through FaceTime and the care packages we send every few days. I have my family and he doesn't have his, we mean everything to him and I know it kills him to not read to Rocky daily or bath with him all the things we take for granted. You are the real hero babe staying behind is benefiting our family so much and in the long run we will all be so much better off, time will fly we have done the distance thing so often over the last 5 years in the army but it's different when you are missing out on your babies every single day and we are so grateful for what you do for us. I promise to work on Rockys art skills so you get more than just biro scribbles to hang on your wall lol.

Jared Trini Keil we love you xxx