Two under two.

Hey guys my names Rebecca and I will have two under two. image

Its only going to be for like 6-8 weeks but it's still two under bloody two. What was I thinking!! Rocky was very much in planned but this bean was very much planned so technically it's our fault and I'm not complaining but possibly freaking a little.

Being pregnant with a toddler has been a roller coaster up down up down up and down (you know like that song from Empire) there has been good, bad and seriously ugly. Rockys always kept it classy and cute but not me I'm the ugly one out of the two of us, like wearing clothes with marmite and jam on them out in to the real world where the public would be all heyyyyyy look at that hot mess and then not washing my hair for way to long that Jared's all brah when you wash last? And crying my god I've done a lot of ugly crying (think Kim K). It's been hard as hell but it's also been amazing ok way more hard but there has been wee flecks of unicorns and glitter too.

Rocky wasn't sleeping great for a lot of the pregnancy mainly due to him needing a bed not his cot but the bed was in Christchurch so he had to stay in his cot and thank goodness he started sleeping like a trooper again as soon as we got down here and into a real bed. I take my hat of to parents that have a newborn or a mum who's knocked up and their other kid won't sleep because running on a few hours shut eye and then dealing with a child booting the crap out of you or making you want to puke every 15 minutes and the toddler who won't sleep who is being a terror because hello they didn't sleep is not fun. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel baby mamas it may be 18 months it may be 18 years but remember it will come.

He's in denial about not being the baby any more.

I cry so much when I'm pregnant today I looked at a photo of Rocky in the daily news from his pre school and I cried because he looked so cute in the creepiest way and I lost it bursting into tears because that weird face on that kid was my kid and damn he is good looking even if he looked like he was a sleazy creepo creeping on the girls. Any who I went way off topic but it was w good story right? So crying I cry heaps blah blah when you have a toddler who tests you and pushes the boundaries at the best of times it's hard when your with child it's sooooo much harder I cried every day for a week w few months babk because Rocky was horrible he was an angel with his dad then I would walk into the room and the kid went bat shit clingy crying hitting biting you name it he did it I was convinced he hated me and bawled about it daily, turns out he didn't hate me he probably just had some super stressful toddler stuff to figure out you know like paw patrol or bubble guppies, what do I want on my toast peanut butter or marmite? Yep those are the big questions when your 20 months old team.


I showered with them both once like Rocky and the in born child it was a nightmare so I can only imagine how much worse it'll be when they are both here outside of my womb, Rocky wouldn't stand and insisted on sitting on the bump I was cold and my arms were dying but the kid was happy so who am I to say no Rocky you got legs child stand! I have never made that mistake again he showers alone, with his dad or bathes it.

Thats pretty much what it's like being hapu with a toddler I highly recommend it though even after all the bitching and moaning because In the long run you come out on top like they'll be 18 within a short time frame of each other and mama's you will be free to shower alone and poop alone and have sex with out kids creeping (these 3 things alone are the glitter and unicorns). So enjoy your babies when they're little and if all else fails move home so mum and dad can help you (thanks mum and dad) ✌🏼️