35 weeks.

Oh hey baby. image image

Im now at the stage where I feel like I can't poop and when I do poop the baby will literally fall out of the old vajayjay. Like this kid is seriously really ready to come into the world, tomorrow we hit 35 weeks and I'm so excited within such a short time frame we will meet our new squish.

Shits getting hard but I feel like we're still doing ok like you push your head down on my bladder constantly and you boot the life out of me daily plus I moan and groan whenever I have to get up or do anything but I'm really enjoying this bump I swear it's so cute and I want to be naked all the time because you push my belly so far out I don't have to worry about wiggly giggly bits plus I can eat whatever I want cause I'm still knocked up. That's what I call winning I'm pretty sure I've never looked so good in a bikini haha.

The only thing that really gets me is sleeping pregnancy insomnia has well and truely kicked in and it suckkkkks! Big time. I can't sleep till like midnight then I am up and down pissing all bloody night then I'm up with cramps in my calves at 5.30am back to sleep till 6.30am then up with the other monster. If any of you other baby mamas are having issues I swear by rescue remedy it gets me to sleep much quicker and helps after a cramp that's disrupted your sleep, oh and magnesium take that for the old crampy cramps.

I think we are looking at another early one you've stopped being so violent over the last few days and stopped moving as much in general, which is no surprise there mustn't be a whole lot of room for dance parties any more. I was talking to your daddy today who was like oh I might head to the naki in a few weeks for the weekend I'm all hold you horse mate I could literally pop any day?! I feel like I could pop a squat and get this sucker out right now! Like I can literally feel the head in my vagina when I walk around. He was all nhhhh heaps of time like there's bloody months or something! Well babe there's not! This week better go quick because daddy is in town for the weekend after three long weeks we get to be the raddest family out for one whole weekend. He flies in at 10pm and wants to wake Rocky I'm probably going to have to put a lock on the door to keep him out lol. And then when he goes home he could be back within a week to meet you or it could be 4 weeks but I'm counting on a week or two.

Basically we can't wait to meet you we are so ready to meet you and when ever you are finished cooking just let ya mama know. The raspberry leave tea is brewing and the curbs are ready to be walked as long as your ready we are (But totally feel free to hurry).

Girl or Boy I'm getting desperate to know you've dropped a lot the last few days can't wait to see the midwife on Tuesday and check that wee heart rate is still sitting in the girl section.

We love you baby Keil and will see you soon xxx