These are a few of my favourite things.

I'm a sound of music girl at heart I used to watch that shit over and over again and dance and sing, totally blame my mum. So here are a few of my favourite things (cue singing). I guess it's a bit of a pregnancy round-up let's be honest I've left the old second trimester essentials a bit long now so we will move on with this list instead.


FAT PANTS. There is no glam way of putting it when the kilos are packing on you need comfy pants am I right baby girls? But you can totally keep the fat pants glam or at least you can try pretend your still styley during pregnancy. Now I'm all about a bargain and when yo can wear something before, during and after pregnancy then that's what I call getting your money's worth! Here are my picks.

  • Our grand tour mum uniform, these pants are seriously the bomb diggity, I have them in both colours and can not rave enough every time I wear them I'm asked where they're from. They have a stretchy elastic waist band (essential pregnant or not, hello food baby) they are tapered in the leg and have a drop crotch but not to ghetto just like medium ghetto. There's room to grow and then boomerang back again but you still have comfort in between. I wish I had these after I had Rocky when the saggy baggy gutt area was terrifying me and pants did not work at all (think muffin meets mushroom), sigh I didn't have them then but I do now and I've stocked up so I literally never have to take them off I'm not going to lie I've been known to sleep in them and wear them straight off the bat on pre school drop. I FREKIN LOVE THESE PANTS!!
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  • Just jeans maternity jeans. I tried the jeans west ones when pregnant with Rocky and hated them I was a hot itchy mess seriously the fabric was like wool I couldn't stop itching plus they had the huge belly band another no-no for me. So I wore the just jeans ones and went back again this time around they are fab nice and low with the cut out stretchy sides I distressed mine so cut the knees out of the black skinnys to make them a little more me. The only thing is they don't last as long I have just thrown mine after the lowness became to low there was way to much crack happening to wards the end.
  • Ok now these ones aren't keeping it classy, styley or anything in between I'm talking the warehouse rivet men's trackies in grey. I'm wearing a medium and if your lucky enough to find a small you deserve a medal because those mofos are hard to find! These should not be worn out of the house but can be worn on repeat without washing around the house any day and you will cringe when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror probably with tomato sauce stains on them because you don't give a shit about life your way to pregnant for that but they are comfy and the cheapest so you're welcome.


  • TAILOR, this skin care is seriously the best I've talked about it before if you head a few posts back you can read up on depth. But it's seriously good I've been all over the show in the skin department this pregnancy breakouts, dry skin and everything in between. This range has something to help me with all those problems and it works so quickly.
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  • BODY OIL, this time around I've only used Dr Hauschka Blackthorn toning body oil and it's delish I put some in my bath then after every shower I rub huge amounts all over any part that had grown in size (yep basically all of me). I'm a huge fan and do think it helped minimise stretch marks this time around  and last time but I also credit I must have some good stretchy genes.
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  • CLARINS STRETCH MARK CREAM this is the best! I used it after I had Rocky and my boobs, butt and hips met mr stretch marky. I noticed a massive improvement really soon after starting to use this cream.
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  •  FRANK BODY SCRUB. Again this was a god send at getting rid of the few stretch marks I did get so scrub up ladies.
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  • I think this is self-explanatory.


  • I literally have a bath every night there is nothing better. If you're not a bather then get onto it because when you're the size of a heffalump bathing is bliss!
  • Lush products must be added in order to achieve the perfect bath so get at that.


  • Rescue remedy, I swear by this stuff after Rocky's pregnancy. I take it to get to sleep at night when the dreaded pregnancy insomnia kicks in and also when I wake up and can't get back to sleep. It's also a must have during labour so stock up now.
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  • magnesium, take two a day to keep the cramps away. I wake with the worst cramps at 5.30-6.30am but since taking these magical pills I'm feeling so much better.

So I'm pretty sure that's it friends let me know what your must have's are/were xxx