Hospital bag round up.

I mentioned I'd packed our bags in case we have to head to the hospital at any stage even though we are planning on staying at home. But I'm kinda bad at life especially right now being a hairy pregnant poo brain! and hadn't posted anything like I said I would so after a few messages asking about items I had talked about I got my A in to G and here is what I've packed for new babe and myself just in case. I stayed in hospital for just the one night with Rocky and seriously over packed but I guess if I needed to stay longer it would have maybe been handy? I still doubt it though I didn't need half the shit the internet lists told me to pack.



  • Country road bag, I find these are the perfect size they fit so much but are easy to carry and look fab.
  • Snacks, I have powerades to drink during labour but you can also make up your own electrolyte drinks and take them along. I've also packed muesli bars these are great to snack on during labour if you feel like eating but I found them better during my hospital stay when I got the Breast feeding munchies. I packed things like jelly beans and nuts with Rocky but I don't actually remember eating them?! They are great though try and pack high energy snacks for you and your partner if you care enough or else get the boy to fend for himself. My last "snack" item though is ice blocks I'm not sure about other hospitals but when I had Rocky up at palmy hospital they had lemonade ice blocks in the freezer and I demolished them so seriously consider sending someone on an ice block run and write your name on them put them in the wee hospital freezer and enjoy.
  • Granny knickers, right they are so not glamorize or sexy or any kind of cool but these are a necessity I got mine from Kmart and they're prettier than the ones I got with Rocky so that's a bonus! I get the 5 pack for like $10.00 don't spend heaps that's just silly this post baby business ain't pretty and you will just end up throwing pairs away. The advantage over using huge full pant briefs is they hold your giant maternity pads quite well. Let's be honest you'll double pad for at least the first week (yep seriously) so don't go trying to put those little sexy numbers back on to early ain't no body got time for a g string that's smaller than your maternity pad.
  • Maternity bras, if you want to feel nice after nine months of wallowing around like a whale get your self some banging maternity bras I have the nicest ones from Rocky all pretty and lacy. It won't be like get at me kind of lace underwear mainly because you have pads in numerous places but you'll get a wee boost wearing one nice under garment.
  • Breast pads, you will leak like some mofo left the tap on for a week so basically you will flood! Your nice house will have smooshy wet carpet that will need to be ripped up so don't wear nice carpet. I swear to god you will be amazed at how much milk comes out of those bosoms when you least expect it.
  • Maternity pads, Jared calls these woman's nappies some refer to them as surfboards. Whatever you call them you can not have enough of them stock up ladies I random wore them for at least a week, it's like your 12 getting your period again and your so self conscious about leakage you don't stand up in front of people and you definitely don't wear white! Never get caught without your lady nappy. (Some hospitals may provide these)
  • Clothing, I recommend 2x pairs of comfy pants (track pants with elastic waist are best) I'm taking my our grand tour ones and a pair of bonds. 2x t shirts or long sleeves depending on weather in your part of the globe (again comfy and loose). 2x singlets I didn't buy breast feeding singlets I just got glassons basic singlets and always wore one under what ever t shirt/top etc I was wearing and did the one up one down method so you weren't giving old mate an eye full every feed. Socks, a pair of socks or two just for comfort really when hanging on the ward. Going home outfit, this is not just for the babe if your like me you've lived in trackies/pjs whilst in hospital you will want something you feel good in for the trip home maybe a glory dress to conceal the fact that when you pop a kid out you still look pregnant for a wee while (keep feeding in mind, not all dresses are easy to get the ta ta's out of) or a nicer pair of comfy pants and cute top, oh and a tog top of your planning on labouring in bath and you still care about your dignity.
  • Phone charger, camera, camera charger/batteries etc have a think about things like this that might be useful for you.
  • Toiletries, this is really personal preference again I've got mini Toni and Guy shampoo and conditioner packed, a small makeup kit (I packed buy didn't use with Rocky), body wash something that makes you feel amazing is a good idea that first shower is nasty lol, cleanser/moisturiser etc I've packed my tailor minis they are a perfect size and you can buy them on a set online with everything you need, deodorant and a facecloth or two you might not use it but it's handy to have.
  • Hair ties/headband, I wore a headband with Rocky when I was labouring in the shower it kept my hair on point! No it didn't I looked like shit but I wasn't pushing it out of my fave the whole time.
  • Rescue remedy, this is a must it's top of my list I have drops and the spray packed I swear by it! I'm not sure if it's a mental thing or it actually works but I was popping that stuff like it was bloody going out of fashion (it's also a goody to have on hand for your support crew).
  • Arnica, again I swear it helped with my recovery I started taking as soon as I went into labour and continued to take for a week or two after having Rocky. I'm sure it healed my body quicker than if I hadn't taken it, you can't go wrong it's bloody gold.


So that's mama bears bag all packed hopefully it helped if it didn't your over parking or your lame, no your not lame but your probably a control freak haha. I suck at being organised but I think I have the hospital gear sorted good luck packing don't leave it too late or you'll be relying on the other half to bring you what you need and they will suck I promise you'll end up with the g I talked about not packing.


  • Face cloths, the hospital probably has these but I took my own soft baby ones with Rocky to give him a wee face wash in the hand basin. Plus if there's any nasty poop situations it's nice to give their bum a wash with a face cloth not wipes.
  • Kiwi herb baby balm, this can be used for a lot of things from cracked nipples to dry skin and then on the babes butt. If you can get it on the babes bum ASAP like literally as soon as it comes out of your vag this is to stop the meconium (first poop that is like tar) stick to their little bums.
  • Nappies, I don't remember if these are provided by the hospital? I'm sure your midwife will be able to tell you but it wouldn't hurt to take some with you any way.
  • Wipes, again they may be provided but I don't think they are? Pretty self explanatory baby's poop so wipes are necessary.
  • Wrap, I've got two packed because I love a good burrito baby. I have two stretchy wraps packed it's personal preference between these or muslin wraps but keep the season in mind you might prefer a light muslin in the hotter months, I go stretch as my babes seem to sleep better wrapped up really tight and escape out of muslin wraps.
  • Clothes, I know it's hard but don't go over board just pick your ultimate faves out of the hoards your purchased over the last 9 months and go with that. Body suits, I've packed 2x cotton short sleeve body suits and 2x merino cotton blend ones (weather/season dependant), I've also packed 1x bonds zippy. 2x cardigan/Jersey I've packed 1x woollen cardigan and 1x lighter cotton one, hats I've packed 1x cotton hat and 1x light woollen one, pants I've got 3x pairs packed a mix of unisex leggings and a pink pair, socks I've got 2x lamingtons (merino knee highs) packed, booties I've got 1x woollen pairs and 1x alpaca pair packed.
  • Going home outfit, if you have anything special or sentimental throw it in but I've included my going home outfit in the above.
  • Capsule, this is super important make sure you have practiced putting this in prior to taking your bundle of joy home from the hospital, you do not want to be pissing around in those expensive hospital car parks stressing about how to put the capsule in. Get help if you need it from a tech in your area or the shop you purchased from to make sure you get a nice tight install.
  • Wrap, I'm using the Chekoh stretchy wrap to carry our new babe nice and close. I've got this packed because I can imagine if your staying in hospital for a wee while keeping baby on you with your hands free would be super handy and there's nothing nicer than having your babe super close to bond in those first few days.

So baby mamas that's a wrap on the hospital bag round up! I hope it helped and if it didn't you have control issues and will probably over pack any way lol. I may have forgotten things but I think I've covered the most important things with out going over board, you don't need to pack for an apocalypse that's key friends xx