Eviction Notice.

image 37+6 on Tuesday I am 38 weeks and I had Rocky exactly then. A Tuesday bang on 38 weeks, today is a Sunday my waters broke on the Sunday when I was 37+6 do you see where I'm going with this? There's a pattern it would be nice if you followed suite.

You time has come my sweet sweet love you are officially being served, everything has aligned and you are being asked very nicely to make your entrance into this world.

I'm not necessarily over being pregnant I'm actually doing great, the end of this ride has been far better than the beginning and the later stages of being knocked up is treating me well.  But I still feel like you need to exit my womb ASAP, you see I'm impatient and when you decide to grace us with your presence I not only get to meet you but we also get your daddy back for a few weeks and it's kind of killing me not knowing when that might be. Your brother misses him a lot and your mama misses him so much more than I ever thought I would so knowing he could be here with us tomorrow or by the end of the week to be a family of four is kind of all I think about and it's kind of all up to you our new babe.

Don't get me wrong kid I'm super excited to have you earth side as well but Rocky is growing so much and he is stringing bloody sentences together! Like that's a big deal little sibling so I really want your daddy to be here to see it for himself and of course I want him here to bond with you, I want him here to help me because he's my person. You know my best friend, my lover, my soul mate, he's the father of my children and he's my strength. I'm confident I will birth you with ease, bringing you in to this world doesn't make me nervous what so ever but not having your daddy here does make me feel a little uneasy. But it is what it is and I'm not going to stress over something beyond my control I will however hope beyond all hopes he makes it here in time because your daddy is everything to us and in such s short time you will understand why.

The other thing is I'm peeing a lot so I don't get a very good sleep at night, now I'm not blaming you but I think you have a lot to do with it so if you wouldn't mind either just hoping off the old bladder for like a night or two or maybe just getting off my bladder full stop (yep I'm talking about getting out of my vagina in general) that would be swell. I've got a few other issues nothing major so don't get all pissy about it but you see my baby I've got these wee things called stretch marks appearing and I think you invited them? Again I'm not accusing just saying maybe you know them and they turned up uninvited and you felt rude asking them to leave but you do seem to be the common link here? Just jump in if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure I'm spot on. You won't be in trouble or I won't be mad but I'm just saying I might be a little "disappointed" you have such inconsiderate associates, for now they are just hanging out on my upper thighs and a few have crept up onto mamas hips but I don't really want to see them spread so if you came here and was all hey guys mum said the parties over and you have to go well that would be really great then I can work on the fading process and we can get our mother child relationship back on track.

There were a few factors in preparing for your birth I am planning to have you at home so the 37 week mark was pretty important and we made it so I'm officially home birth ready. The next thing was our birth photographer Sarah was out of the country until like yesterday sooooo we needed to wait for her to be back on board and un jet lagged before we could get the show on the road, well great news she's back and only a phone call away. Right last but not least the really important part is I am now hair free in every possible place you could be hair free, I can birth you as a woman not a Sasquatch obviously this is a biggy and you will learn the importance of grooming one day child because myself and your daddy are quite the vain pair depending on your flavour you will be well looked after learning the things you need to learn I think for a start "pain is beauty" male it female it's a goody to remember.

So baby Keil it's official you can come when you want I'm curb walking like a mofo (I now remember why I did this at night when pregnant with Rocky, I look like a loony during the day walking up and down the street with one Nike in the gutter and one on the curb), oh and I've almost drunk the nations supply of raspberry leaf tea plus last night I got my curry on.

So like I mentioned 50000000 times we are waiting and im not  that good at waiting sooooo hola when your are down aight xxx ✌🏼️