New babes corner.

Right it's time for a wee room reveal its pretty much the block but I make my dad do all the work. image

Because we are living at mum and dads for the next wee while our new babe will be bunking in with me for a bit longer than I would like. I don't do babies in my bedroom I'm a shit sleeper and it's better for both of us if we end our bedroom sharing sooner rather than later but this time I guess I'll have to deal with it or else the baby will be like Harry Potter living in a cupboard under the stairs apart from there's no stairs so it'll be a linen cupboard or something.

I sleep talk and walk and babies make a lot of noise so it's not a good mix between me dreaming the baby is in the bed and then yelling out because I think I'm squishing it and new born snuffles it's a shit show. I kicked Rocky into his own room at 3 weeks but I'm hoping we can share a room more harmoniously this time around because we kind of don't have a choice.

Sooooo here's what I've done with New Babes corner in my room gender neutral is normally so boring and I'm not really down on boring so we went bright bright bright! In a gender neutralish way but maybe swinging a bit more on the girl side just maybe. The whole room started off by me falling in love with a print by pop factory we love Pop Factory so they were the first place I looked for inspiration and I'm so glad I found there ABC print it was excatly what I wanted bright but not woah chill out bright. I then based the rest of the decor around this print.


I had some ideas of other prints I wanted to go with the Pop Factory print and was so stoked to find Jamo and Cream who were able to bring my ideas to life, I wanted something simple to tie my ideas all together which is where the dots came from then I felt like we needed the rap gods influence to help with sleeping etc so the Tupac lyric print was born and I could not have been happier with the outcome Cole knocked the nail on the head making my visions a reality.


The final two pieces came from Tess at Little Lifestyle I had originally wanted a macrame garland but then found an amazing Pom Pom mobile in IG and thought the garland would be to busy so she sent me a wall hanging instead which turned out perfect for the space. I had planned on making the Pom poms for the mobile well with the help of my mum haha but I contacted Tess to see if she could send me the Pom poms and I would make the mobile which saved time and money buying ten different colours in the wool. Tess was again amazing to deal with I conveyed my ideas and she turned it into the real deal for me.

Bedding came from a pocket full of posies and Jamie Kay the rest was DIY, I painted the drawers and the change table. Then last minute decided to paint the bassinet white to keep everything white and minimal to really make the colour pop. Oh and the Wahakura which is the flax bassinet in the picture came from a friend in the North Island Amy, we used it for Rocky and it's so beautiful. They are designed to promote safe co sleeping but they are so easy to move around during the day we use it more for sleeping baby in the lounge etc during the day and also take it away with us as a portable bassinet.


I'm so happy with the gender neutral space I have created for our New Babe it's exactly what I dreamt of fun bright and a little bit thug lol now you can arrive when every you want your bed is waiting. xx