Fat pants.

I was feeling really great about life on day six, so I put on some pants like actual jeans not just stretchy elastic waist band pants. Shit mate what a disaster never ever try to wear un elasticated stretchy pants after you have a baby, I suggest you wait like a year or something? Yep definitely coincide it with your child's first birthday it'll be a double celebration! Especially don't try to put on a pair of size four country road jeans it could end in tears in my case it ended in laughter because I don't take life to seriously but I could see it totally ending in tears.


So at that note I still swear by my Our grand tour pants, I've raced about them before and I'll rave about them again! They are the best like better than ice cream and chocolate pudding the best. I would say better than sex but I just had a baby everything is better than sex and sex scares me right now haha. Any who back to the pants I wore these up until I gave birth literally my waters broke when I was wearing these pants and I am now wearing them daily and possibly nightly because they are so comfy! Seriously ladies invest in a pair or three, roll them up for summer and you will be in comfy pants heaven.


Not pregnant

So because I'm so cool there's my style advice in the first week of motherhood stay tuned for more fashion tips from the mum master trying to not go out in public in spew ttrackies ✌🏼️