The humble pad.

One day in the near future I'll stop watching say yes to the dress on repeat and I'll blog about something good. I've been taking notes since Ruby was born to give you an epic post babe blog but eating chicken nuggets and TLC seem to call my name during Rocky's nap time and before I know it he's awake again. Soz. However in the mean time I'll rant and rave here and there about things like not fitting your ghetto booty into pants or how much we all hate pads.

Yep I'm talking about sanitary pads, oh how exciting they were to my 12 year old pre pubescent self the backs of the libra packets were so informative with the strange facts you could read whilst sitting on the loo. God I wanted to use those pads so bad and it was all very exciting but then the novelty wears off and I moved on to tampons oh the joys so much more discreet and comfortable plus you felt like you were in the next league as far as being a woman I mean you are basically Sam from sex and the city.

But alas the day will come my lovely lady friends when you will have to go back there yep back to the sanitary pad era. You will have a baby and before you know it you will be browsing the womanly isle in the supermarket for the good old trusty sanitary napkin, it's pretty easy I mean there's only like two brands that do the maternity pad so don't feel overwhelmed yet there's Libra or Carefree they are pretty much the same so grab what ever is cheapest.

But I warn you now do not go over board and hoard maternity pads when your pregnant because before you know it you'll be graduating to normal pads and trust me the last thing ya'll want to do is be stuck with a bloody surfboard between your legs for longer than nessesary I graduated recently there was no celebration but I was quietly stoked off I went to the supermarket and grabbed a few packs of super pads, oh my god why!! They may as well be maternity ones they are still that bloody huge but they're cheaper so that's a plus.

So here I am with these packs of the super variety and all I probably need is the regular variety at this stage in my post babe recovery and then the worst thing happens as if my neither region hasn't been through enough over the past two weeks but noooo now I'm dealing with chaffing you know like swim shorts chaffing but it's my poor vag and butt cheeks these huge huge huge super large napkins have ruined me! Like seriously it's like walking around with a piece of sandpaper between your legs and your 12 again just dying to graduate to the big girl tampons but your mum won't buy them for you or something!! I'm that girl it's the sad sad truth but this is post babe reality and I'm just keeping it real. Any who as I shared with the family my problem down there my mum laughed and Jared suggested a adult nappy, not gonna lie I considered it I mean it must be more comfortable than the current situation I'm dealing with.

Thats when the penny dropped I need to downsize and regular is my new size. Until I am healed and given the A Ok to use the big girl hygiene products again I will keep complaining about and hating the humble pad but I do realise it has its place postpartum and in intermediate school just do me a favour and stay away from them in every other situation in life.