Little gypsies

When Rocky was a baby we used to travel a lot, Jared went away all the time for the army so when he did we ran away on adventures. In his first year we went to Christchurch, Auckland and literally every where in between, up and down coasts chasing the sun it was amazing! We took advantage of the free travel under two and had so much fun but now we have to pay for him so I'm sorry Rocky mama is going to have to leave you behind! But not after your last few trips, we just got back from Auckland our first trip with baby girl and in two weeks we head on a North island adventure for three weeks where we plan to explore Palmy (ha not much to explore there), Taranaki, Taupo, Auckland and The Mount. But you never know where we might end up so I'm just going with it the most important thing is we get daddy back for four whole weeks!

I've posted before about traveling with Rocky and my top tips through out the ages (his first flight was seven weeks and Ruby's was four weeks) but I think we need to re visit that post and tackle the traveling with two kids scenario. I'll start with my top tip DONT DO IT!! Well I know that's not that practical but totally 10000000% don't do it alone.

I literally begged my mum to come with us up to Auckland it was a fly in fly out trip we literally had a day there so there and there was no way I could have done it alone! Well i guess I could have because if I didn't have mum I would have had no choice but I really really really don't recommend it like just stay home traveling is over rated any way. I honestly thought I was a pro a seasoned traveler with a wee gypsy babe who was a totally breeze on flights, I now have her but I also have the toddler traveler don't mistaken the two there is nothing similar at all. Leave the toddler traveler behind they are nothing but trouble especially if your toddler traveler is the size of a five year old and when he's sitting on nanas knee and taking up so much room and your asked by every different air hostess how old his is because he's so bloody big it gets awkward, I should have put a sign around his neck saying I'm not even two yet I'm just big boned now bugger off before I crush you with my five year old sized tree trunk thighs or body slam your face with my eight year old sized pot belly and don't let me get started with what I could do with my ten year old island feet! So yes next time he has a seat booked for him oh and that way he can't kick the seat in front of you fifty million times and then you make eye contact with the seats recipient and your apologising over and over smiling sweetly but also making sure they sense your on the verge of tears and that if they kick up a fuss they will be walking into a trap of hormonal craziness. Yep remember always be ready to cry it will get your child out of anything on the aeroplane, crying is key friends you embrace those hormonal changes.

So Rocky's huge, obnoxious, has attitude to boot and all round little shit who just wants to be a pain in my ass all whilst confined in a small place. And then there's Ruby ahhh the little one I can manipulate with my breasts oh how I love to have total control over her by just shoving a boob in her mouth, she literally slept the whole flight there and back total bliss. The younger they are the easier it is she doesn't throw a tantrum when your about to land and the lollies are being handed out so the air hostess puts the little basket right in front of Rocky's nose and offers to mum and me a lolly. I then have to try and restrain the giant toddler who is losing it over not being allowed a hard boiled lolly he could and probably would choke on argh what a nightmare, hey Air New Zealand why no lollipops for the kids as a substitute any more? We always used to get them for Rocky so on the flight home I stopped the hostess before the possibility of a melt down and I missed out on the little red happy lolly boooo. (Remember to take your own I guess)

Did I mention our plane was delayed, so we now hit Auckland in peak hour traffic both kids are feral but mainly the over tired boy. I had originally planned on going to the supermarket as soon as we got there to get nappies etc for Ruby Lou but I was reminded of a company called the baby bag who deliver goods right to your door and thought I'd give it a go, omg best idea ever the bag was delivered within 20 minutes of me placing my order and the products I could choose from totally exceeded my expectations.


I chose items for the trip but also couldn't pass up on really well priced things like oasis sunblock  (the best sunblock ever by the way made here in NZ) which I had been meaning to get for summer. My bag consisted of

  • Breast pads (I use Johnson's and Johnson's)
  • Body wash for the kids (Eco store)
  • Wipes for Ruby (water wipes for her sensitive bum)
  • Nappies (I got the little genie ones because they were the smallest pack and I didn't want to drag naps home)
  • Sunblock (oasis it's amazing for kids)
  • Powder (curash which clears up a rash instantly)
  • And Jessie also popped in some apple crisps for Rocky which he loved.

I could not rave about them enough to not have to worry about remembering to pack for the kids because you can order it ahead of time is seriously the best when your already stressed packing with baby brain, and so well priced I'm amazed and I think over summer we will be ordering one for every destination. The other thing they are commonly used for is gifts for your baby mama mates, take the hassle out of baby shopping for them and order a bag. You can customise it like I did or go with the ones they've put together plus they do fresh fruit and vege delivered right to your door. They stick top quality brands at amazing prices so look into it the derive is fantastic I'm a super happy customer and I want to tell everyone about them haha.


It especially took the stress away because I was about to meet the devil like the real devil! Rocky was an over tired hot sweaty mess who literally screamed and kicked and cried until he finally went to sleep way after his bed time it was a nightmare but hey I didn't have to run to the ship to get nappies and boob pads and shit lol.


to be continued xx