Battle prep.

Yesterday shit got real, I had to go to the post shop on my own with both children. This was the first time I had been any where on my own with two kids not just one, to say I was scared is an understatement I was bloody terrified like this could be really really bad people.


Jareds a yarner and he yarns alot one of his yarns goes like this "failing to prepare is preparing to fail" this was literally in the back of my mind the whole time and also most of the night before. I knew it had to be done I couldn't count on Santa to actually pick up and deliver the Santa sacks to people himself so here I am prepping for my trip to the post shop alone.

As I lie in bed the night before pondering the big day ahead I start my battle prep, you now checking off shit that could go wrong, possible hazards, things that could trigger a temper tantrum, roads that need crossing,  distance from car park to post office. Just all the really normal thoughts that run through any crazy mothers head.

We have three post shops with in a 3km radius of our house one of which is at a mall and two at small shopping complex's, the first one is out for obvious reasons (hello Christmas shoppers) but my main deterrent is the ride on toy in the foyer leading to the post shop. Oh my god there is no way in hell I am going any where near such a thing, I can see it now Rocky wants on I say no he looses it and lays on the ground then I'm standing there trying to convince him to get up oh and bribing there is definatly sugar bribes involved because he's such a lump or lard I physically can't pick him up with Ruby strapped to my chest in the wrap or I say yes have a small ride then he won't get off and we are back to square one where the lump of lard is sitting in the ride on car and I'm brining him with God knows what to get out nicely because again I can't lift his weight with the small child strapped to my front.

Then there's option two this one could be ok but the problem is the post shop is within a book store, like seriously so many things to touch and try to steal and get attached to when your a two year old who's favourite word is mine! This would be bearable if I had him strapped in his pram but alas the book store is so bloody cramped ain't no one fitting around there with a pram and a toddler with legs and arms flying everywhere.

So that leaves us with option three the furtherest away option but by far the safest not just for me but for by standers and other shoppers, I'm sparing them the force of hurricane Rocky. This is the obvious choice for a few reasons the parks outside are park 15mins so there's always one free, it's on the outside of the shopping complex so no need to lug pram out or lug huge toddler through mall, there are NO ride on toys in sight and I can be in and out within approx three minutes because I've already pre paid for bags and recorded tracking numbers it's literally a dump and run but don't underestimate how wrong it could have gone if I didn't prepare accordingly this trip is not to be taken lightly even if it was literally a three minute job lol.

So friends plan your trips well and it will be mostly stress free especially at this time of the year even if you have to drive further away when you are driving and they are screaming no one can hear them so it doesn't really count as causing a scene plus just turn your radio up and you can't hear them either.

And if planning still makes you anxious or terrified about shopping with your multiple children just stay home shut your curtains and shop online.