Calmness and Laughter.

31st October 2015 the day our Ruby Pauline Keil was born, she was overdue and already in trouble with me because of that oh and the extra stretchies I got in that last week! But my god is she beautiful so obviously me being mad at her didn't last for even a second. You can read her birth story here Ruby's Birth but this post is completely dedicated to our amazing birth photographer because without her we would have absolutely no memories of her magical birth (you'll find out why if you read the birth story), Sarah is her name and she not only took the best photos but she was there when we needed her.

Sarah went above and beyond her role as photographer, she was another voice of reason, someone else to say hey Bekah don't worry about it your vagina isn't strangling her and she's totally fine just hanging out under water until your next contraction (again read the birth story lol). Sarah was a fly on the wall, she was just there watching and waiting capturing every movement, every emotion and every ounce of love that was floating around that room. I knew she would be amazing like I had no doubts she would take the exact photos I dreamt of but it was her presence and knowledge that I hadn't expected to play such a huge roll, she is a wealth of knowledge on childbirth you can tell its a passion of hers and that she has a true and honest love for all things related to birth and beyond. She was calm when thrust into a situation most would panic in and she did not stop snapping for a second which lead to these beautiful and inspiring photos, she captured something so so so special to us and we can not thank her enough.

Sarah girl you are amazing, you are a bloody legend and you are one bad ass birthing photographer! I encourage you all to consider having someone there to capture the raw and sacred side of childbirth, someone who has no connection that wont get caught up in emotions and forget to take the photo, someone that will keep snapping before, during and after but most importantly someone you are comfortable with and someone who is possibly your soul sister.

Its not all vaginas tearing and babies crowning remember that yall get on the birth photographer band wagon you will not regret it x

Our Ruby Lou. Born into calmness and laughter at home 2.04am.

Photos - Sarah Drummond Photography.