He's back!

You know when you get a puppy and your like super excited because it's a puppy and you've always wanted it and waited so long for it and it's finally here. But then you remember puppies are fucking hard work like they take up all the room in the bed, they need attention and sometimes they hump your leg. image

Well that's what it's like having Jared home, don't get me wrong I'm stoked to have him here he's easy on the eye and has a body of a sparton 😝 But it's been three weeks and I had gotten pretty used to having the whole bed to myself.

He used to go away alot with the army and it was so exciting when he was coming home but the same thing happened we would normally be fighting within 48 hours because the cuzzy was all up in my space and after the original "meet and greet" 😉 I used to get so annoyed that he was messing with my routine. You fellow defence force wives feel me?

It's not that I don't want him here I love him being around so much but it takes some adjusting, if he even thinks about complaining about anything I'm so bloody quick to pull out the "um I've been doing this shit 24/7 for the last three weeks mate so yes you need to get of your ass and bath your child". It's probably not fair of me to do that but I can't help it, he would be here with us day in and day out if he could but right now he's stuck in the north island boooo.

I should be kinder he's amazing and he's not always trying to hump my leg and sometimes he sticks to his side of the bed without me having a meltdown about it in the middle of the night when my fat ass is literally hanging to the edge of the bed for dear life. We are incredibly lucky to have such a hard working man in our life and Rocky will always have the best role model to teach him go to be a good man, and Ruby god she's got him wrapped so far around her little finger all ready it's stupid.


We love you and are so excited to spent the next four weeks traveling the country like gypsies with you, you deserve more credit homeboy 👊🏼