Twenty five.

Here I am freshly 25 and totally killing it. Gone are the days I would bask in the sun for hours on end over the summer holidays. I now stand in a paddling pool wearing a bikini that's a size or two too small trying to keep my saggy DD's from popping out of the said bikini top whilst holding a watering can above my head so Rocky can swim/belly flop underneath it. I shouldn't complain technically I'm still getting a tan lol.

I have a friend who is concerned about wrinkles she spends way to much money on fixing her non existent crows feet with super expensive creams her beauty therapist sells her. I have a concern too and a cream that fixes it but it's a cream money can't buy you need a prescription for this magical cream its to help minimise my haemorrhoids so I can sit down comfortably again after pushing two children out of my vagina.

It's New Years in a few days and one time when my best friend and I were like 17 we drove to the mount to party we had no worries just packed a bag and left, we slept in her car and only had to throw some clothes on our skiny ass teenage bodies, put on some lipgloss and skull back some RTDs. The list of prep work is long this time around I started pumping a week ago so there's some good booby stock in the fridge, I have fake tanned like three times this week (I swear you instantly lose 5kgs), I'll actually need to wash my hair at some stage in the next 48 hours and the make up God I'll need like an hour to cover the bags under this old girls eyes.

Oh and I probably would have worn a little lacy g string and matching bra but no this time I'll be wearing a few pairs of spanks possibly a breast feeding bra because I now don't own normal ones or I'll be trying to work out how to wear a backless dress without leaking on the d floor come midnight (just kidding obviously this isn't practical and I'll be wearing under garments that cater to my mothering duties aka a bra I can wear breast pads with and a dress that hides my motherly curves aka post baby fat).

I'll also need a baby sitter that can handle a screaming eight week old and a hypo toddler lucky the mother in law is up for a challenge.

I was kind of freaking about the old two five situation but then I woke up and nothing had changed yes I may have gotten wiser and obviously I look way more mature and possibly a whole lot cooler but I'm happy. There was no freak out or epiphany there was just me looking at my beautiful family thinking about how lucky I got. I'm 25 I have two children who might I add are the coolest out, a man who adores me and a incredibly bright future. I'm so young I might not being living life like the 25 year old gal pal over there but I'm living my life now there may be biscuit nipples, a saggy vag a bottom that requires some serious attention and a flabby little tummy but I wouldn't have it any other way this 25 year old glass is definatly over flowing and I couldn't be happier.

Own it girl friends you are amazing no matter the what milestone your hitting, your life is rad!

Twenty six though I'm scared all ready haha