Baby fat.

I was very tempted to write the heading Baby Phat you know like the kimora lee Symons range that is totally ghetto fab and we lusted over as pre teens! No was that only me and my wigger self? Ok disregard team. It's also been 15 days since my last blog post my bad turns out holidaying is my jam and I am shit at multi tasking.


So the old baby fat it's kind of like an episode of that auctioning programme going going gone I'm at the going going stage it's weird like the weight is going I feel great but the scales are like hey yo your still fat! Pregnancy weight is not normal weight you don't just lose it, well I'm sure some of you do and go you GF but for others it just lingers not ready to let go of your cute ass. Birth weight kind of just distributes back out into your body it doesn't go but it evens back out and makes you tubby all over instead of just dropping off, there's swelling that will go down but you don't just wake up one morning like oh rad I got my abs back today and if you do you probably worked super hard and you earned that shit (obviously I didn't 😂).

I weighed myself daily after having Ruby I wouldn't say I was scale watching like it wasn't that I was disappointed or guttered I hadn't lost weight but more curiosity I was starting to feel like the weight was dropping but the figures on that damn scale weren't adding up. With Rocky I don't remember feeling eager to lose the weight or weighing myself and I honestly think the different months made a difference I didn't have any expectation like I was already fucked for summer I was like aeh yo Jared can you just buy me a wetsuit for Christmas?! but this time having her earlier I had expectations of being beach babe ready by summer. Ruby threw me that little punk ass gave me stretch marks and cellulite in places I didn't think you could get cellulite, so obviously that didn't sit well with me and there was more than one occasion trying to buy clothes ended in tears.

But I came out the other side let's be honest I wasn't committed enough to pound the pavements at 5am or stop my staple choc bar a day diet I mean gummon people I'm a lactating mother of two ain't no body got time for that unless your Mrs Paulie props to her my god that woman is a machine she's seriously amazing and super inspirational plus she's a lactating mother of three!! (Search her up on IG) But moral of that story I like chocolate too much. I do however plan to get my life sorted some time soon I'm not talking cutting sugar or going on a crazy weird diet but I know I need to get a bit more active and eat a more balanced diet I.e cut some sugar 😝. You have my assurance I won't start posting raw recipes or bunnace burgers any time soon a gal needs her bun when she hits burger burger.


So back to the weight I'm so terrible at getting side tracked when I go on a writing tangent. 

Don't be disheartened by the mean old scale it's lying to you, go by how you feel, by how you fit in those pre pregnancy pants (I fit into these jeans today well they did up and I wore them all day but I couldn't sit down and the circulation was cut off to my vagina) or just by how many people say shit girllllll you lost weight?! (Thanks Mikayla). The scales tell me I have a long way to go but my banging slightly tubby mum bikini body says own it girlfriend! I'm all about being confident within your self I could not care less what someone else thought apart from Jared maybe and he's on team B so I'm good 👊🏼 I birthed two bloody adorable fantastic babies and I may not like what the last one did to my body but I've grown to love it because I love her more than anything. 

I put on 20kgs carrying Ruby, I'm 5kgs heavier than I want to be, im 8kgs heavier than I was before Ruby but those are all numbers, I'm loving life and that's the most important thing. Yolo xx