Emotions running high.

I cry alot, not like full blown snot spraying can't stop the waterworks crying but there are tears daily.    Now all I can put this down to is child birth or maybe child rearing?! I'm not sure which one fucked me but one of them did. It's got to be hormonal I cry over nothing like someone is telling a story and I'm over her pretending to yawn or sneeze like oh me no I'm not crying it must be allergies.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out here with this problem! Seriously I was a hard ass before kids I didn't cry a lot I certainly didn't cry watching home and away. For example today I was watching under cover boss on channel one it was lame who even watches that on a Sunday arvo but here I was sitting there feeding Ruby like a blubbering mess again trying to play it cool obvoiding eye contact with all other patrons of the lounge. I mean come on the guy gave two people college education, one guy a car, two people huge family holidays plus they all got promotions and pay rises! Ha one got the boot though basically for being a bitch.

I am basically an actress I could literally sit here right now and think of giving birth, I could even think about someone else giving birth and I could flick on the waterworks like a switch.

Maybe it could be a party trick? But I don't party that often and when I do I'm to busy rapping as my party trick so in comparison the crying on demand would be a bit lame right? 

My other go to is comments from you guys I'm bawling when I read them like my cat died it's that bad. I can't read stuff in public because me tearing up over the silverbeet in the supermarket can get awkward real quick. It's overwhelmed you guys are amazing tears but it's still years lol.

I guess one day I'll be a hard arse again?! But maybe I'm doomed and I'll be trapped in this hormonal emotional wreck of a body for all of eternity, I suppose it's not that bad it might come in handy one day you know I might be in trouble with the law and I'll just burst in to tears or if I'm on an aeroplane and the kids are a shit state screaming, kicking the seat in front or just throwing food and being a general nuisance to the public I can just start sobbing uncontrollably. This has always been my plan I have once been on the verge of tears on a flight with Rocky but then he went to sleep and I retracted my tears and slept myself, I always imagine it though someone just looking at me with that look and I'll just blubber my way out of it.

Basically the reason of this post is to let you know that out of control hormones is reason #628 why kids ruin you. The love out ways this issue but don't think about that or you'll end up sobbing again.