Second child syndrome.

  We have two children Rocky who is two and Ruby who is three months. This statement still blows my mind like I birthed two babes and now we are in charge of keeping them alive.

Sometimes I forget though like the second child can just slip through the cracks a little bit, shit I can only imagine what it's like having more than two. She's so quiet it'll be like where's Ruby and my mind goes into over drive ok I went to the supermarket hmm no I definatly put her in the car, wait is she still in the car hmm nope her capsules here, oh I must have put her to bed nah bro she's not in there, omg where's the baby had Rocky hid her?! Argh there she is asleep in her bouncer or entertaining herself under her play gym. Now I know I'm not the only one who has for at least a split second thought they had lost/left the new baby somewhere.

I'm youngest of six, four of which are my mums I know what it's like to be the poor last child one time I was actually left at a supermarket. Mum totally blames my brother though he was pushing me around but then got distracted probably by some baby girls or food (he was a teenager at the time), they had packed the car put all kids in and realised my seat was empty DW the check out chicks totally had it under control and were clucking over me but still my mum literally left me at the supermarket. 

I feel like that story sums up my life right now Ruby is seriously amazing she rarely cries and happily hangs out on her own for agessssss just chatting to herself whilst I'm trying to tame the terrible two year old. So technically it's her fault she's boarder line neglected! If she made more noise or demanded more attention I'm sure I would oblige but she doesn't.

We like to refer to her as she'll be right because I say that about her way more times than I should! I don't care what people say about how they are worried the toddler would miss out and they feel so guilty they don't have time for them any more because they have a baby hanging off their tit 24/7, I was one of these people I was terrified about how I would juggle the two and how I wouldn't have one on one time with Rocky any more. Then I had the baby and boy oh boy was I wrong! All that time I should have been worried about Ruby, Rocky had all my attention I was singing the alphabet and counting the 1000000 to him when he was barely a week old. Ruby shit she's lucky if I play peek a boo with her once a day, sorry baby girl but cleaning up the piss off the carpet because Rocky has just cocked his leg on the coffee table is all I'm thinking about right now oh and sorry for the amount of times I've had to yank you off the boob and throw you on the couch to fish something along the lines of a dead fly out of Rocky's mouth.

   You have what I want to call second baby syndrome I'm not sure if it's a real thing but it may as well be, you very really get tummy time and when I do remember your big brother is normally there to flip you back onto your back yelling roll over in your face then cackiling this evil devil child laugh. Your thrown in the bath with Rocky most of the time with Rocky and then while I try give you a lovely massage before dressing you it's normally cut short because Rocky is trying his hardest to run you over with his tonka truck. You are pretty much never wearing enough clothes because my mind doesn't work any more and when nana points it out I'm all nah it's not that cold she'll be right oh Lordy how times have changed Rocky would never be subjected to such cruelty. 

I don't count the hours your asleep, I don't fret over if your runny nose, I don't have a hat on you 24/7 incase you get a chill, I don't run to you at ever whimper, I don't brush your hair after ever bath, I'm lucky to have you dressed by mid day, I don't read to you like I read to Rocky as a baby your just forced to listen to me read Thomas the tank engine and the little yellow digger over and over again to your brother, you aren't bathed every night because let's face it remembering to wash one kid is hard enough.

You might not get all of those things like Rocky did as a baby and you might not have the one on one time I expected to shower you with, but baby girl you have us! You are so strong and so so clever all ready, you are happy and healthy and will have an incredible immune system (thanks Rocky), you will be patient and probably pretty feisty (again thanks Rocky) but most of all you are loved more than you could ever imagine, you are doted on by your big brother, your daddy's little princess and you are my little gal pal I wouldn't have it any other way.

Out second child Ruby we love you (and are very very sorry about your shit upbringing we hope you turn out ok 😝)

xx P.s Rocky is at pre school three days a week and this is still Ruby's life I'm a terrible mother 🙈😂