My kids eat sugar.

Yep I said Kids with an s. Both Rocky and Ruby eat sugar on the daily. Poor Ruby she's force fed it I can't get enough of the bloody stuff I'm trying to limit it but for realsies today I ate chocolate pudding for afternoon tea and like 10 pieces of Russian fudge for morning tea, I also had a salad for lunch and went for a run so that totally makes it ok. Any way that was about Ruby not me moral of the story she eats what I eat and I eat sugar!

Don't get me wrong I have a lot of respect for the sugar free families out there props to you mamas for making that choice and sticking to it but I'm just not that kinda gal, it's like I know it's wrong and I'll be so much better at life if I kick my sweet little mate to the curb but I'm not ready to let go.. Not just yet. I don't get it I don't understand the struggle is real don't eat that block of chocolate you don't need that sugary poison in your body but what's the alternative being miserable for the rest of your life!!! (Possibly a tad over dramatic but it's my struggle ok?!).

Right so I eat sugar, Ruby eats sugar, Jared doesn't eat sugar because he's weird and is dead inside and has no sweet tooth like not even a little one!!! I can only assume he grew up in a dungeon with gremlins and snails only eating dirt and leaves and no one to love him (he was loved I promise but it's seriously the only explanation I can come up with). Again I'm going way off topic ahh Rocky the little bro loves sugar and I mean who am I to say no who am I to deprive him of one of the great wonders this world has to offer (yes I'm aware I'm the adult and mother I should say no blah blah blah!! I do say no but I also say yes a lot and he's my kid I can do what I want 💁🏼). Any who I've thought about going sugar free but it just seems like such a bore I don't want to eat something that pretends to be a Mars bar but is really a sad impersonator and more like a lame bar, if I wanted to be healthy if chew on some leaves or something! But don't act like that "clean twix" tastes like a dirty twix.

It's not like I'm anti sugar cutters like I said go you if I had the will power I'd be right there with you in my active wear eating my raw peppermint slice fished out of the deep freeze but I don't. 

It did get a tad out of control for a while there though when I popped out Ruby I would literally be feeding Ruby and to shut Rocky up and stop him trying to milk my other tit I would be shoving wine biscuits down his throat every few hours (they were probably more like choc chip biscuits but wine biscuits seem so much healthier) this worked for a while along with the ice blocks and chocolates and pretty much any thing else the toddler demanded because I was a new mum of two and had to get shit done some how. Butttt then it got old and the diva demands got worse so did the tantrums that came with them and within a few days of cutting back on the sugar train we saw such a huge improvement in Rocky's behaviour it's like he was Mariah Carrey all divaish and super loco but now he's someone way cooler like Adele who's only slightly loco in a way radder way.

I'm not saying I stopped using sweet treats as a way to wrangle my child all together I'm just saying the old moderation rule came into play, today he smacked his head on the floor I offered him an icecream to stop him screaming on the floor of the post shop, I bribed him to shit on the toilet with a chocolate and he had like 3 biscuits around breakfast time so I could feed Ruby in peace but he also had a whole fruit tree worth of fruit, a big plate of veges and pasta for tea, eggs for breakfast and snacked on nuts and raisins all day.

I guess what I'm trying to say is we love sugar and if you gotta problem with it watch an episode of toddlers and tiaras then come at me with your sugar free facts because I'm not sitting over here feeding my child "pageant lollies" which is literally a box of sugar cubes or those sugar sticks they shit is cray I'm only part cray (I'm also addicted to TLC).

xx ✌🏼️