Monthly must haves.

I thought I'd start doing some regular features this is the first one! It's pretty much me yarning about shit I loved from the month just gone. TUMMY TUB - We got given a tummy tub when I had just had Ruby but I used it once and it was such a shit show so it was put in the laundry where it was promptly forgotten about. The reason I say it was a shit show was because I put Ruby in it when she was like 10 days old and I didn't read the instructionsproperly and overfilled it and she was this floppy little hot mess and was really hard to hold and kept slipping under. But then I found it again and I can't stop raving about it! Especially if you have more than one kid or are just time deprived, it's so easy you only need like 15cm of water so it's easy to fill and empty plus it's so light to carry it's literally a bucket. Ruby loves it she sits in and splashes away giggling and smiling I don't need to hold her up at all anymore and only need to re position her a few times per bath time. You can easily wash around her and get under her to give her wee toosh a wash. These are the best! 

Cariboo seems to stock for the cheapest at $49.00


GYPSY PIRATE - We are kind of obsessed with GP I have 2x tops, Jared has a tank, Ruby has a one off baby tee and Rocky has a couple of tops as well. These are designed here in NZ and sell out every re stock so don't muck around if your not fast your last! Eden is amazing to deal with and a total babe too.


GOBLIN BABYWEAR - Where has this stuff been all my life!! We are obsessed I am in desperate need of more. Not only do they do baby and kids but they also have a Madame goblin range! I'm lusting over the sweater dresses but alas no dresses allowed until lactating is over lol. The range goes right from 0-3 through to 4 years which is always a win in my books because I'm a sucker for twinning the mini babe with the big babe.


CHEKOH BABY WRAP - Guys this is a game changer if your not a baby wear you must start now! I do not know how I would have survived being a mother of two in those first few weeks without this thing. Ruby would sleep instantly any wear anytime as soon as she was wrapped up all snug is this little beauty, there is nothing better than having your babes heart right there beating next to yours. Don't be fooled by how tricky they seem to be to put on they are so easy after s few goes! I will do a tutorial video very soon to probe my point. Oh and dads wearing the new squish in them get extra bonus points because there's nothing hotter than a baby wearing daddy 😍😍.

Disclaimer you will be stopped a lot mainly by older ladies sometimes couples they will ask you a lot of questions then end with oh I wish we had something like that in our day.


POP FACTORY - Casper capsule. The pjs amazing, the hooded towel so good and the wrap the best! The Casper capsule is made up of the hooded towel, pjs, pillow case and wrap we have all but the pillow case because we don't need any more pillow cases haha. This wrap is a must for your babe it's so soft and stretchy but not to stretchy that your baby can Houdini out of it it's just the perfect amount of stretch, I fold the corner down to get the best burrito baby wrap. The pjs again same fabric so really nice and soft it's a stretch jersey fabric so super comfy. Rocky has possibly worn them out in public as clothes they're that good! And the towel this was Rocky's first ever hooded towel and he's lived it it all summer, seriously cute -"and perfect size.


THE SLEEPY KIWI - The sleepy kiwi is such a rad little book for baby's it's black and white which is way more speaking for little babes and the hard card pages make it perfect for standing in front of tummy time it just for baby to look at. The book is so beautifully illustrated by Kat Merewether who also has a range of books for children called Kuwi the Kiwi.


That's my round up of things we loved this January. Can't wait to share with you our faves from the coming months! I'll try and include things the whole family loved.