Last night we convinced my dad to have Rocky for a sleep over, Jared has worked six 5am shifts this week so I've been on child duty 5am-5pm and I wanted a mother frekin sleep in. 

He also has swimming on a Sunday moving so logistically I needed someone to either watch Ruby or take Rocky, it just made sense he take him for the night before not just for the swimming lesson dahhhhh (Rebecca - 1 Poppa - 0).

We had just waved him off and come inside when Jared said you know we could have sex in every room of the house right now?! We both laughed, went grocery shopping with just one child (have you done this?! My god it's better than sex), ate a tub of icecream for dinner, watched Orange is the new black and were asleep by 10.30pm.

Yep she was a rager and the sex that was never going to happen it was like a bazillion degrees and we had an opportunity to sleep for more than six hours it was a no brainer really! I think at one stage though when Jared tried to get at me (breaking the unspoken rule of don't even try it when I'm literally ready to go to sleep and we have been watching Netflix for the past three hours in bed and you totally could have tried it on 2.5 hours ago!!! Gumonnnnn brah when will you learn!!) I threatened to cut him and maybe scratched his arm and hissed like a cat. I mean mate seriously it's not going to happen.

I mustn't be the only one who has that pet peeve you know that one I just spoke about the one where they wait until your on the verge of entering dreamland and you feel a hand creeping all of a sudden then there's some neck nuzzling which in other circumstances would be welcome and invited but all it's doing at this hour of he night is literally making your blood boil. It's one of the most annoying things I could think of I mean call me the fucking fun police but nothing is going to put me in the mood when I've been so close to sleep after dealing with his children all bloody day. 

Oh and then this perfect sleep in I had so meticulously planned well that went out the window didn't it. Ruby you are lucky your cute because after last night I think I was ready to pop you on trade me, every two hours she woke up I'm  convinced it was karma I haven't quite figured out what I have done maybe it was for holding out last night?!! And Jared put a hex on me! Or else I'm putting it down to the fact it was seriously sooooo hot all night and she was actually just really thirsty. Either way I was not impressed I was less impressed when she woke at 7.30am she is not a 7.30am waker go the shit to sleep Ruby Lou!!!

It's ok though I'm not claiming Rocky back until after dinner tonight (where the whole family will have been fed) and even though Ruby woke at 7.30am she was promptly fed and put back into bed to chat herself to sleep sorry GF Orange is the new black is calling 💁🏼.

Happy Sunday team xxx

DISCLAIMER- hey mum and dad I promise we weren't ever actually going to do 'it' in every room of your house 😝