Wrap review.

Ruby is a wriggler, she's a fighter and she's never still. The only times she wakes at night is if her little arms are out and smacking her all over the face. I was wrapping her like a little baby burrito but she still houdinied her way out every bloody night! She didn't want fed but she needed to be re bundled up and it was exhausting! 

So I tried different wraps again and again she got those little arms out and I was back to the drawing board, here's a few we tried and what we thought of them.

The ergo cocoon $27.96 from sleepytot


  • This one buttons up at the top so they can have their wee hands on their chests but not up and out of the wrap it's self. This was ok but the movement of her arms still woke her up when she didn't need to be and she grew out of it really quick. It did have super easy access to change nappies due to the roll down bottom. It was also really light weight so perfect for summer I was also able to double wrap her in this so she really couldn't get out.

Love to dream swaddle $39.95 from the sleep store.


  • This one zips up and allows babies arms to be up by their face and essentially stops the startle reflex. We liked this and used it for a wee while but again she grew out of it pretty quickly, I also found she would suck her hands through it and again would wake her self up trying to get to them. The zip was good again to change nappies during the night. Weight was ok probably medium so good for cooler months but ok for now without blankets. 

Noah and Bowie wrap $69.99 From Noah and Bowie


  • This one is pleasing on the eye and looks good in the nursery, we loved it at the start so nice and soft when Ruby was a little squidgy newborn. Butttttt then she grew and this monochrome beauty stopped being my go to, the bigger Ruby got the easier it was for her to bust out of it. So I stopped using it out of frustration and I now just use it for a blanket or to lay her on.

Pop factory wrap $55.00 From Pop factory shop.


  • This is the bomb diggity like seriously I hope they bring out more it's amazing! She can't bust out of it as quickly as she does with her other ones which is great. It's double sided super soft jersey knit that has a good amount of stretch but not too much. The size is perfect for a blanket to sit on at the park and when using it as a wrap your just fold one of the corners down. Oh and it's good looking as well!

Miracle blanket $34.95 The sleepstore.


  • This is amazing!!! I'm kicking myself I didn't get this sooner, it has saved so much time and hastle. She can't get out at all and she sleeps so much longer in it. It's a little heavy so probably better for the cooler months but at the moment I just have Ruby's legs out the bottom and no blankets on her. This is seriously so good I've popped some pics up of how I wrap her in it so you get an idea, but basically you just put both arms down wrap them and fold the flaps behind her back then fold the sides over pop her feet in and wrap the little bugger as tight as you can. 

Technically this is like 0-3 months but I think I can get away with still using it as its only the length she's growing out off and I don't put her legs in the little pocket.

It's the only wrap we will be using until the time comes to graduate to the sleep sack. We got ours from  the sleep store but there's a few stockists if you do a google search.