All aboard the toilet train.

Rocky is officially almost toilet trained and when we say this he's all Choo Choo train mama? I'm like no you aren't catching a train you just know how to shit in the toilet now.    It's been 17 days today since our last toileting accident sooooo I'm calling it in Rocky Lima Keil is toilet trained apart from night time and nap time we aren't that game yet. FACT some kids are still in nappies at night until they are 5-6 and that is totally normal. I'm hoping to have Rocky 100% nappy free in a month or two because he's barely got a wet nappie in the morning and after his naps it's virtually dry but I'm not brave enough just yet!

Rocky is a nudist at heart he's naked 3/4 of the day and there's nothing we can do about it/ I wouldn't try to do anything about it, I have photos of him in winter wearing woollen socks and his red bands in the nude running around the back yard it's his thing and you gotta let it hang out while your young enough to get away with it. I truely think this helped us with such an easy transition to the toilet, he was already aware of his male anatomy and where his poo's and wee's came from. They say to toilet train the summer after they turn two, I imagine it's to do with the warmer weather you know they can run around in the nude and also the fact that you can get a lot more loads of washing done and dried without using the drier because there's a lot more washing involved haha.

He was probably ready around November/December but we were going away for three weeks over Christmas and I wasn't prepared to deal with that when we were away if he didn't take to it first round. So we started on Saturday the 16th January, this was the day I picked a wedding dress out of my budget and decided I needed it so naturally my first budget cut was the kids nappies (Ruby also went to cloth nappies that day).  I picked the Saturday because Rocky is at pre school Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday so that gave me three full days with him to get us started. I don't really do anything the conventional way and toilet training was no different it was my way or the high way so we stayed home for like a day then got cabin fever and went about our life like normal. TIP some people will literally stay home for two weeks whilst mastering toilet training but that just isn't us. We actually went to a 26th birthday party on the Saturday night and made it until like 8.00pm before Rocky pissed all over me.

   I've mentioned before I love information the more people's  advice I can get the better! I wouldn't scoff at anyone's advice because we can all learn from someone else's parenting advice/style. So I went to social media and asked the baby mamas about toilet training so many of you came back with so many different amazing tips and tricks I felt like this was important not just for me but for others that might be toilet training soon and can look back at that post and grab some advice. I kind of had a plan but I also kind of just went with it.

He had worn undies a few times a week casually over the last few months and appealing undies totally helped we had Thomas the tank engine and monster trucks on rotation, he was always excited to wear them and showed them off to anyone who would look. TIP buy a few packs of cheapies to use in the first few weeks and if the shit hits the fan just just bin them! 

   I was 'trying' to remember to ask him every 20 minutes if he needed to go at the advice of my pre school teacher sister butttt I'm terrible at life and would forget resulting in him wetting himself and then telling me he had done wee's. The other thing was to put him on the toilet after every meal no ifs or buts about it just do it even if he didn't actually go toilet. TIP always praise the kid might not have actually done any business but you must always praise if he sat on the toilet we would loose our shit at him then he was like ride on this is great oh and my parents are crazy!

It probably took a few days to actually get him to wee on the toilet because he preferred to just pee outside on the lawn again he was praised for this because it was better than doing in on the carpet. But when he did pee his pants we didn't make a big deal about it just changed him and reminded him in a positive way that we tell mummy or daddy when we need to do wee's so that they can put you on the toilet. TIP positivity is key just keep the positive reinforcement up, accidents happen and it's not a big deal. We also didn't really use the word accident with him because we didn't want to associate it with toilet training.

Work out your kids rewards system for us it was easy he's not really a sticker kid well I actually think he wouldn't understand the whole sticker chart thing he's only just turned two so when matchbox cars were $1.00 over Christmas I Brough like 50 of them and when he went to the toilet he got one, Rocky's quite ocd though so he had a ritual where he would get given 4-5 and he would put them on the ground lined up then he would lie down stare at them for ages and make his selection. He's weird I know but it worked he was also sometimes bribed with chocolate and ice cream seriously mates whatever works. Then it dropped down to just poo's and he would get a car but by this stage I was out of matchbox cars so I got some little aeroplanes and cars from the two dollar shop and put them in the 'poo' bag that he would be allowed to choose from after a poop. Work with what your child does party tricks for and go from there. Bribery is key.

   If he peed and we saw it or he said toilet mama but it was to late we still picked him up and rushed him down to the toilet so he finished there but we were also careful not to frighten him, we totally rushed down there with piss flying every where but it was done in a calm fashion. The other thing we skipped and I totally recommend you do the same is the potty we went straight to the toilet with a toilet seat, in my opinion it made no sense to train him on a potty and then be like great buddy now your doing that lets make you sit in this big scary adult toilet. Also the pre school toilets are just small toilets with a toilet seat on it as well so it made sense to us.

There were ups and downs he pissed on the coffee table, went through a stage where he would only pee on the wheel of a vehicle and he also used his wee stick as a weapon when he was in time out one day he was obviously mad at me so he literally took his undies off walked around his room and possed on every piece of furniture he could find including the back of his door! Yep that's my boy. 

And then came the pooping oh Lordy the little bro flat out refused to shit on the toilet and I would find him squatting in a bush or the middle of the path in the garden. But in his credit this only happened a handful of times and he very quickly started to make more of an effort, I had been told sometimes they will hold on for days or just wait until night time when they had a nappy on well this didn't happen with us he just shat his pants or whatever whenever which was cool it's not like he was wearing Calvin Kleins (remember Kmart Thomas undies in the multi packs). Before we knew it he was bolting to the toilet screaming mummmmmm behind him on one occasion my sister whipped his undies of so quick and the turtle was half out of the shell and poop was splattered right up one wall when I got there I was like woah team what the shit happened!!! Like literally how did shit get up there but that was also the first time he pooped on the toilet well what was left to come out. You would have thought I'd won lotto the way I was hollering and jumping I almost shed a tear for this toilet milestone oh and I snapchated about it.

It was all pretty plain sailing from there in the code brown department he seriously blew us away with how well he did anyone would have thought he'd been shitting on the toilet since birth FACT people start toilet training kids when they're babies I think it's weird as hell but if it's your jam go for it.

We had two hiccups along the way one was when he started pissing every where for fun like he would look at us and pee then give us this look of doom and laugh, it was so hard because we didn't want to discourage him and back track his toileting by punishing him for having an accident butttt when your doing it to be a dick Rocky your gonna get a growling thank god that didn't last long. The other was when my sister who was his pre school teacher moved to London he totally stopped going to the toilet at pre school it was frustrating as he was doing so well at home and only using the toilet (minus his morning piddle outside which he still does) we just had to ride this one out and after a week and a bit he was back being a boss at home and at pre school.

   The best part of all of this is the fact that he now can wear cute little boys undies like I die when he wears his lulu funk undies because they're these little trunks in cool colours and they are incredibly well wearing, his Kmart ones are already coming loose at the seams and they have faded so bad but these little beauts from lulu funk are still going strong. Made from stupidly soft bamboo with moisture wick technology which draws moisture away and keeps them comfortable and dry during the day because let's be honest little boys are gross and dribble pee constantly during the day. If you are toilet trained or toilet training you need these plus your supporting small!

Another thing that has come hand in hand with toilet training (literally ) is the fondeling all the bloody time. There's no nappy to restrict his access so now we have Rocky watching cars playing with it, Rocky sitting on the ground inspecting it and Rocky singing and dancing a song his dad taught him called willy bum bum where he shakes it around laughing and singing oh and my favourite when he tucks it under and says where's my willy?! Oh there it is as he lets it swing free again 

So team we are toilet trained and it's bloody fab I'll let you know how we go with night time training but for now I'm signing off the serious parenting duties for a while.

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