The wedding tour.

Hello! I've run away from home for the week with my gal pals (Mum and Ruby) in tow getting lost in the wonderful world of wedding, there's been dresses and venues and unicorns and glitter and wine. It's been a bloody good week.

The dress AMAZE, the venue HOLY SHITBALLS, the mates Ive caught up with along the way BABES.

We flew out on Tuesday morning and headed to Auckland to try on dresses at the most amazing boutique ever! But this threw me because I didn't love the one I thought was 'the one' the two it came down to were so different but so fucking beautiful! Then the nanny who is also my amazing mother looked after the sprog so I could hit the town with some of my ultimate cool mum mates, it was kind of a mums tinder date?! Like half of us didn't know each other but we bonded over vagina issues, boob jobs, these weird murder podcasts that are apparently a thing and the love hate relationship we have with our children! How lucky I am to be able to bond with these woman and find such amazing souls sisters that all share a common theme of our feral children. 

We then flew to New Plymouth to go over the wedding venue and a few other things which by the way wedding venue = The best thing since raw food became a thing (I hate raw food). I also got my hair did really great if your in the Naki holla at my girl Kirsty she's bloody fab and an absolute babe! 

This all went on whilst Jared and Poppa are doing a shared custody thing with Rocky. Jared works awkward hours so he gets Rocky up dresses him (questionably), feeds him then drops him off at pre school. Dad then picks him up at 3.30 hangs out with him feeds him, baths him, dresses him and throws him in bed. Win win right! Ha wrong, Jared sent me a picture of Rocky all ready for pre school I was all eek cute mate! But then I noticed his shorts he was wearing new season Pop Factory shorts um no way BF those shorts are not pre school shorts, brah how hard is it we went over the whole pre school wardrobe not pre school wardrobe scenario when I left this morning. Any who I was on the phone quick smart to get those shorts changed and ask what the weather was doing because the little home boy was wearing woollen lamington socks up to his knees and it was going to be like 26 outside. I can't really fault him the bright blue usos for lyfe top was on point!

   He also mentioned how good Rocky's been and I was like woah Ruby's  been an angel as well, I suggested we seperate take a kid each and like in well behaved kid heaven for the rest of eternity.

My other concern was around feeding he knows the pre school lunch routine but I just have this vision of rocky being packed of to pre school with a protein shake and some chicken and broccoli cooked in coconut oil.