Wedding post #1

Ok so as you probably know we get married soon wellllllll not actually soon its still like 304 days away but who's counting (me me me I'm counting ok). Well this post is to let you all know that I will be posting wedding stuff sometimes on the blog, I will post about vendors, ideas and advice. It will basically be me rambling about what I want, what I cant afford but can't let go of, what Ive learnt along the way and how much of a brat Jared is. I promise we won't get all bridezilla up in hurrr but I might have a bitch and moan every now and then. These posts will be put in there own little special place filled with glitter and unicorns filled away under WEDDING  but if your interested hang around join us on this journey to wedded bliss (hopefully) and I promise not to annoy you to much.

Right now we've got that out of the way heres my first post re Wedding.

STATIONARY - I feel so lucky to have some pretty great friends that can help me out with things like this and first off the list was the save the dates. How fucking fantastic are these  like I'm seriously dying over here they were everything we wanted and more I say this because she basically read my mind like she looked at all my pins on pinterest then picked out her faves and they were totally my faves too!! OMG guys.Also side note if your a bride to be and your not on pinterest then you've already failed I'm sorry I'm just calling it like it is, you should spend at least a few hours a day lusting over shit and pinning things your obviously going to pull out of your arse because the practicality of this item and the chances of you actually making such thing is like never going to happen. But don't let me burst your perfect wedding pinning little bubble if you do actually plan on hand cutting approximately 2354892564598 love hearts from handwritten love letters all whilst crocheting and then sewing and then gluing and then braiding and then assembling hundreds of beautiful little dream catchers go right ahead. GIRL POWER or BRIDE POWER or whatever just go YOU.

Back to the stationary Ive just received these save the dates you know the ones I started telling you about before I went off onto a pinterest rampage. God they are so beautiful just like my babe of a friend Eden who made them for us, she's such a gem not only were our visions the same but when I last minute was all yo can you add this to it she did without even the tiniest bit of back chat! Also she was very patient when my original vision had to be changed due to Groomzilla being all oi thats not my vision blah blah blah (who does he think he is I mean dahhhh its MY wedding) but none the less she fixed it up quick smart and alas both Groom and Bride were happy as a couple of sand boys.

image1 copy

I can't wait to share with you the rest of our stationary in the next few months but in the mean time can anyone point me in the direction of cool envelopes or just the liners you know the pretty ones like these. I found some on etsy but I feel the printing will cost me a small fortune.


Ok thanks for listening to my first wedding post, I'm thinking of show casing vendors, interviewing people in the industry, sharing my own tips and ideas Ive found along the way and asking your advice! So let me know what you think and if theres any thing or anyone you want to see on here!


Our wedding stationary is being done by Eden (AMAZING) please get in touch with her to get this design genius in on your wedding or engagement or whatever.

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