Hey guys we are now on night four of having ruby un swaddled, yep you heard right the lover of wraps has said no to the wrap! Why you might ask? well I just felt it was time you see the baby was trying way to hard to bust out of the burrito, it was becoming a pain and I shit you night she put a hole in the wrap almost splitting it at the seams it was like trying to force Rocky into a NB outfit. She was starting to hulk out and it was causing her to wake unnecessarily at night and y'all no I don't do waking at night haha, plus with winter coming I wanted to get her into her Merino Kids sleeping bag. image1

I've had a few messages and snapchats asking for a blog post explaining how I transitioned her but I didn't really 'transition' anything, I like to do things my way so I'm going to share that with you because you can google 10000000 articles on how to gently let one arm out and let her get comfortable with that for like a year and then let the other arm out for another year and then on their 3rd birthday you can allow the baby (child this is now a child) to naturally seperate from the comforts of the wrap that reminded the child of the womb.

I literally stopped wrapping her cold turkey! It was that simple now other ways might be easier but I don't have time for that, one morning I just stopped wrapping my kid. There will be tears and short naps and sleepless nights but It's over pretty quick theres no mucking around waiting it out its just done, I can almost garantee by night three you will have a lovely less startle reflexy baby sleeping as well as your child can sleep. I chose to do it now for a few reasons

  1. It's getting colder and even with the wrap on like a straight jacket Ruby was still getting free of the blankets, she would kick those covers off and her little tootsies would be freezing which is partly my fault as I'm often forgetting to put socks on her (one kid is hard enough to get ready for bed ok! and Ruby just seems to always come off second best my bad). So I wanted to get her comfortable in her Merino Kids sleep sack before it really was cold enough to be winter (which will probably be next week), when she's asleep in it I know that she's not freezing her butt off an she's happy and warm so when she does wake up at night I can just roll over and nod off because that little tart can go back to sleep aight.
  2. She was becoming frustrated with being wrapped, this was getting really annoying you could see the anger in her little face when you forced her into the wrap of doom! now remember I love wraps and highly recommend you use them but I think you'll know when the times right for you babe to graduate from swaddle to sleeping bag.
  3. She was getting out, she was putting so much effort into getting out she was starting to succeed now this is worse than anything else because they wake up and they're not really awake its just the fact that they are uncontrollably smacking themselves in the face with that god damn hand that is under the spell of the startling reflex.
  4. It was getting annoying to wrap her like I would lose the wrap and then she would be crying like but me to bed and I was like a hot mess because I couldn't find the damn wrap then  would find it and remember it was covered in spew and possibly poo so we quit the swaddling!

Right now that I've justified why I've stopped swaddling my child I can tell you how I stopped swaddling her.

It was really easy I just said aeh yo Baby Girl your wrap days are over then I rapped some Kanye to her (old Kanye not new Kanye even though I quite like that I love Kanye song where he sings about how much he loves himself) and bam that was her little un swaddled party over. Its probably been a week or so now maybe like six nights and last night baby girl got some tough love which I'm all for. She had been waking less and less every night up until like night four then she just stayed there, waking every few hours just for me to shove my tit in her mouth and he go back to sleep with barely a gulp like literally not even enough suction for a let down and I'm not about that up all night feeding a child buzz so I announced on night six (last night) she was getting some mother trucking tough love! I like to have a plan with things like this because your minds a fog at two in the morning drunk or not and I wasn't drunk on anything but looovveeeeeee (thanks Beyonce) but being drunk on love wasn't enough to save Ruby and allow her to continue on this waking five times a night for fun crusade. I decided before I went to bed she could have a dream feed which I had been lazy and skipping only to be woken at like 11.30 when I had just gotten to sleep arghhh its so annoying so lesson learnt and I dream fed her at 10.30 when I went to bed, then she woke at 2.15am I noted this down in my sleep journal (which by the way is seriously the bees knees) so that I could tell you guys about it today she was crying but not a wahhhhh I hate my life and I'm sooooo starving cry it was more of a shit I'm awake I want to be asleep so I'm going to grizzle like a little bitch cry and I left her. I listened carefully well I tried to but I was tired as hell so was in and out of sleepy land and she was winding down so I left her to it, but then she peaked at like the 10 minute mark and I decided to go in and see what all the fuss was about. I got her up gave her a cuddle shushed her a few times then fed her well feed she did no mucking around tonight GF she smashed her tucka and went straight back to sleep! get this she then slept until 6.40am BOOM thank you Ruby Lou. This is after she had been waking every two hours for over a week and before that she was waking every three hours or so.

My conclusion is tough love never hurt any body and I got soft with her ,maybe its because she's a girl? maybe its because she's my last baby? or maybe its just because I couldn't be fucked dealing with it but at the end of the day I'm not prepared to be up all night with a baby now just like I wasn't prepared to be up with a baby when Rocky was a wee lad. Once again I'm going to throw a disclaimer in because I'm sure it's only a matter of time before someone comes at me with the CIO is cruel and your harming your baby and you aren't showing enough love blah blah blah it's our job to comfort and give in to their every need 24/7 well its my baby that is being 'harmed' and its my baby not being shown enough 'love' so if we're ok and can live with it then thats all that matters to me.Holla at me when your baby is still on the boob at five and getting up 10 times a night I promise I won't tell you your doing it wrong because you made the choices you did for your family just like I decided Ruby crying now is perfectly good for her (well me) in the long run and that I'm pretty sure all of our children are loved just as much because as parents we have all made the decisions we have based on love and whats best for our families as a whole and that for me is a family that sleeps when I tell them to sleep.

I will follow this post up later in the week with a review on the Merino kids sleep sacks and PJ's as well as an update on if Ruby is sleeping all night longgggg all night all night lonnggggg (thanks Lionel shit I'm musical today hahahaha) you never know I might tell you to disregard this whole post and keep your kid swaddled until three 21st to keep them asleep and and out of trouble lol.

B xx